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Questions to Jonathan Dilas

Here are many questions to the Matrixblogger aka Jonathan Dilas are answered: If you want to contact me, to tell me about your experiences, if you are an abductee, if you don’t know what to do, if you need advice or if you want to share your secrets (whistleblower) Just send me an e-mail to: jona [at]

Why have you created such a blog?

I have always wanted to change the world for the better, towards global peace and health for all. Moreover, it is important to me that the secrecy on the part of the governments in this world will come to an end and that the people who are living on this earth will live in an enlightened world without any disinformation. I would like to proceed that peacefully and exclusively through education. However, this may still last a while.

Who are you?

I am a writer and a blogger, known as the Matrixblogger. Since I was eleven years old I have been dealing with parapsychology. Later, the topics came to include non-physical experiences, lucid dreams, pineal glands, and altered states of consciousness. Every day, I receive about 30-50 messages from people who have questions, who are seeking help, who are having health or spiritual problems, people who want to talk to me or pursue a (research) project or send me anonymous information.

My goal is to find ways to provide people with opportunities to progress faster on their spiritual path, to learn to differentiate spiritual information from the right information, and to train their knowledge in order to regain the totality of the self or the personality of the individual.

Hello Jonathan! Have you written all of the things on your website and in your books by yourself?

Yes I have. If I have not wrote something myself, I will always write it under an article or make it clearly recognizable.

Are you sure that all this is true what you write?

Personally, I am convinced that I am able to claim that almost everything is correct. Of course, it can also happen to me that I publish an article, which later turns out to be desinformation, but this should only apply in individual cases and would be clarified by me later in a supplement in the corresponding article. Then there is the information I received in my dreams that I believe in any case because I am convinced that our dreams are much better informants than our press and television. This may sound odd for many, but anyone who has learned to refine his skills as a dreamer will be able to check it all himself.

Can I copy texts from your blog and publish them elsewhere?

Yes, this is allowed, BUT only if my name is taken as the author of the text and the link to my post.

How long have you been doing this and when did you start?

Beginning with many nightmares at the age of five years, I have gained access to my dreams and my inner knowledge on a semi-conscious level more or less voluntarily. To develop my interest, I started at the age of 11 years and started meditation at 16. The first spiritual and research Encounter group I have already founded at the age of 18 with more than 30 people.

Have your skills been put into your cradle or why can you do all of this?

I had quite a good intuition already in my childhood, but that was actually all that I brought into this world. Otherwise, I have learned everything through meditation and personal will. It is, in my view, only a question of exercise, of will, perseverance, and self-motivation. So I learned out of body experiences, lucid dreaming, using altered states of consciousness and the constructive art of dissociation.

How do you know about all of the stuff you are writing about?

First of all, I get my information by using the technique of “Spiritual Dissociation“. Only, and I emphasize, only through the dissociation can one temporarily distance oneself from all prejudices, expectations, opinions, and opinions in order to watch a thing completely independently and openly. After the dissociation session is finished, the “seen” things can be analyzed and put into words. So the dissociation is the meter, for me the source of my knowledge. Dissociation also activates the pineal gland.

As a second source, I use my out of body experiences and dreams. They help me to become aware of something at all. Secondly, I also share my knowledge of contacts with other astral travelers and dreamers by sharing and comparing our information. As a third source, the many books that I have read have certainly served me. They sometimes took me on the one or the other track, which I then could validate with their own experiences. I am only convinced of what I myself have recognized and tested.

You are not very intelligent when you write such a moron!

This is entirely in the eye of the beholder. Already at the age of 20 a psychologist from the acquaintance measured an IQ of 150-160 on me. I am not telling this to show off, but so that people can see that I am not gullible or believe every nonsense. However, with this intelligence, I have always tried to explain my world to myself in my own way and not in the way it was chewed to me by others.

I was particularly annoyed when I was told that something is how it is or when other people gave me explanations, which simply did not reach me deep enough. Then I have always tried to shed some light on the background, and occasionally came across some phenomenal and incredible things that made me wonder why these were not noticed by our ingenious scientists. But some scientists have even noticed it in part, but the economy only supports the stuff they like, and what is in the economic interest. I do not have that interest, but mine is and has always been a spiritual one and, according to my standards, a deeper one.

You also have topics like Hollow Earth and UFOs. This is all fascism! Are you a Nazi?

No, I am not a neo Nazi or a fascist, nor do I have any sympathy for right-wing or left-wing politics. I am politically completely impartial and independent. I do not even believe in politics as it is globally praised in our world, because our politicians are only marionettes of the deep state or deep deep state, so I am whether right, left, middle, liberal, christian, social or otherwise. This is why I am not interested in politics, unless it is a question of world politics, a form of policy that helps all people, frees them and removes them from slavery.

Just because a few Nazis are interested in the hollow world does not mean that anyone who is interested in the hollow world is a Nazi. For me it is not even certain if the Nazis are at all great about the hollow earth. Furthermore, the issue of hollow earth is only 1% of my real interests. My personal favorite themes are the expansion of consciousness, astral travelling, lucid dreaming and leaving the matrix. The hollow earth is only a small part, which I sometimes also treat and is a legend, which was already thousands of years before the Nazis.

Jonathan, do you want to join our religion/sect/religious community? We know about everything and we know the right way!

Surely, Salomon knew the same as Mohammed, Jesus, or Buddha, or Hubbard, or other people who had meditated a lot. I know a lot as well. Therefore, I do not have to join Islam or Buddhism, Scientologists, Buddhists, Hindus or any other religion. I am not a friend of organized religions or sects, but I find it also without – and without commandments or constraints or violence, or what do I know, which one or other religious leader could do, which he orders his followers so. We are human beings, and EVERY kind of grouping is meant only to enable the background government or “Illuminati” or what I know who can later “incite” these groups (be it a government, a country, a sect, a religion, a faith community, a sexual or any marginal group of any kind). ANY form of a group is like a “nation”, just in small, and one can be played against another with all sorts of tricks, false-flag operations or anything else, until they fight, hate, defame, condemn or what else. Because of this reason I do not join any group or similar organisations. No matter who they are or how great they may be. We are all human beings and everyone is a small mage – no matter which group he belongs to.

Why are you doing this? What is your goal?

Already in my childhood, the questions have tormented me, who I really am and where I come from, what the physical reality is really, etc. I have a good memory of my childhood and strange states of consciousness that I experienced there. All this pushed my researcher’s spirit further and further into the direction of expanding my own awareness. In doing so, I have not always appealed to the accepted and scientific theories, but sought my own path.

When I learned the power and clarity of the dissociation, I had found an incredible key that enabled me to expand my consciousness and look behind the scenes of this physical reality and “see” the inconceivable! Since 2004 I’m therefore trying to interest readers to show how it is and what I have “seen” and still “see”. My personal goal is to reach my true self, a state in which I am aware of all the personalities of my self, and to reach a state that allows me to use hidden and latent abilities and achieve a state of absolute freedom. This state is difficult to describe, but there are certain steps to accomplish this.

What books inspired you?

Books that inspired me were those of Jane Roberts, Robert A. Monroe, Carlos Castaneda, John Lilly, Timothy Leary, and Edmund Husserl, mainly works related to the expansion of awareness, parapsychology and metaphysics.

Why do you research legal aids like herbs, etc. that intensify the dreaming or other states of consciousness? I thought, you could do this already by your meditation for years.

It is true, that I have learned to dream and experience out of body experiences without the help of substances or other aids of this kind. I think that there are many people who want to open themselves to dreaming and do not like to meditate and to dissociate. For those, I try to explore ways that are based on the usage of tools, although I personally do not need any at all because of my many meditations. For me, this is a way to strike more bridges between rational and spiritual people.

You use terms that I do not know. What can I do?

Go to “Definitions“. There you will find the most important terms explained.

Do you have favorite movies?

Yes of course. You can find them on my website. They are movies that revolve around the expansion of awareness and parapsychology. High on the list are “Contact” with Jodie Foster and “Mr. Nobody“. Through “Contact” I stayed for almost three days in an increased state of consciousness. Also recommended are “Matrix“, “Lucy“, “Jupiter Ascending“, “They live!” and “Dark City“.

What do you think about esoterism?

The term is unfortunately very worn and has been largely adopted by astrology, card storage, Reiki, precious stones and the New Age. For this reason, my work is more likely to be attributed to the expansion of consciousness or consciousness research than to esoterism.

How many out of body experiences and lucid dreams and expansion of awareness have you already experienced?

I don’t know. I have never counted them, but now there are many hundreds experiences, maybe thousand – and I’m not counting the many short experiences now.

What are your favorite techniques to achieve such experiences as you have them?

As a rule, I use the so-called Dissociation as my master technique. At the same time, the usual associative processes are intentionally interrupted.

Are you travelling astral every night?

No, I don’t, because I’m also working on many other projects, so I don’t have the time to travel astral every night. After all, I am still dealing with topics on the activation of the pineal gland, with altered states of consciousness in everyday life, I am helping other people in their dreams, help to heal their bodies and minds, writing books and participating in a blog, participating in research projects, giving online seminars or I’m just hanging around too long at my computer and work.

Come and get me out of my body! You can do it on your own so why don’t you come and visit me!

Many people ask me to pull them out of their bodies at night. For a short time, I was offering this on the Internet in exchange for a little bit of money. The demand was also great, but I decided against it! This has certain reasons:

1. The participants must be trained beforehand to make it work.
2. The most people do not remember their last nights experience on the other day, without appropriate training, and
3. if the ego is still too big, many people will always react with the fear of death, when I try to pull them out of their bodies at night.

In rare cases, all of this can also lead to very strong fears in the short term. For this reason I have a certain responsibility which I carry with it. It is therefore important for me to know the persons personally and to meet them in person in order to assess the situation better. For this reason, I do not offer the removal for my participants via the Internet anymore, but only at my seminars.

What success do you achieve on your seminars?

I have achieved very good results and helped other people to recognize, develop and train their inner abilities. For example, on my astral journey live seminars 30-90% of the participants, experience an unforgettable experience in a single night. For this reason, my workshops are also very popular, they demonstrate that it works and provide the participants with a practical reference, so they can immediately see which condition is to be achieved.

Are you giving still Live Workshops?

I have given many live workshops in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but according to the world crisis I have decided to create online seminars, but at the moment just in German Language. Therefore you can join to a live workshop in Paraguay, where I live now.

How many people have you helped so far?

I can not count the people to whom I have helped. There must have been many many hundreds who were depressed, unhappy, terminated, abandoned by the partner, anxious, desperate, ill, in need, injured, half dead, suicidal, and so on. I have been able to help as well as everyone, although many had first assumed that they could not help them. Let’s think about the many workshop participants and personal students who I have trained in a spiritual way. So it’s a big crowd, I’d guess.

What is your standard program when you help people on a health base?

This is quite different, but the most common approach consists of several points:

1. From personal visits in the dreams of the person seeking help, in order to reconfigure their energy field and also looking out for parasites.
2. A personal dietary table designed by myself to restore the body and mind and energize the psychic energies, and
3. giving the person hints and explanations about what has happened to her at all.

Certainly I use other approaches, it always depends on the person.

You are also a consultant. Why do you take money to help people?

I used to help every person for free for many years. Nowadays, I receive 30-50 emails daily and messages from people who need help, have questions, need a coach teacher and more. At the time, I unfortunately could not manage this at all, and so I decided to have my consulting work rewarded. In this way, only the persons who really need help write to me. I offer almost free help for students, pupils, pensioners and job seekers. Likewise, I offer all my blog articles and the many PDFs and essays for free and also many other services. Only my books, seminars, MP3s and consultancy are not free of charge. This does not mean now, that I would like to know every answered e-mail paid. Everyone who writes me, I answer for free. As soon as it would start to cost something, I would mention that before.

Aren’t you afraid that you are getting in trouble with your explosive articles with secret services or the government or who else?

I think, as I regularly publish and publish my knowledge in my blog, it is now everyone who is interested in it. So it would be nonsense to do anything against me, if everyone knows that. So I think, that you should always publish all your knowledge as fast as you can. In addition, the amount of my readers is still to small to be a revolutionary or something like that. If I would suddenly die of a quick or strange death, everyone would immediately recognize that my words are true. Therefore I am an insignificant danger to the slave administration system in view of the background government (or whatever you want to call it). If you have a behive and some of the drones are fleeing, it does not look great in the overall production.

How old are you?

I do not like to tell anyone how old I am, because every age is endowed with countless projections. If you are 30, you get a birthday card with sayings that you should watch yourself out. At the age of40 there is a birthday card with slippers an old pipe on it and with 50 there is one with spiderwebs, etc. For me, however, every person is as old as he feels. That’s the reason, why I rather live to my feeling of age than to what age is written down on an ID card – and so I treat everyone else. The secret to not be aging is to forget the age and to not pay attention on it.

Do you have family, children, or are you married?

No, neither.

Do you just live in your own dream world because you can’t deal with the everyday life?

No, I am living two lifes, on life that every person lives with a normal job, a house, walks, going to the café, visiting people, working, writing, surfing the Internet, writing e-mail etc, but also a second life in another world.

You propably earn a lot of money with your website, don’t you?

I do webdesign and trade with crypto currencies by the way, this is where my main salary comes in. Through my books, MP3s and consultations I earn hardly anything, because it is my hobby. My website is not very well known. It is still considered as an insider tip. But it will certainly change, because people are getting to know such topics more and more. And on my websites, almost everything is free, except the workshops, MP3s and the books I have published.

What is your research based on?

The basis is phenomenology, the belief that all sciences are subjective in this world and that it is impossible to get to know the world correctly with measuring instruments, microscopes and telescopes. On the basis of my research, I can say with absolute certainty that everything is quite different from what parents, school, television and scientists have told us and still try to explain. Follow some of my articles. Further up are a few links to get into my world and to understand what I am doing.

Where did you get these little pictures for your articles from? Are those yours?

Often they are my own pictures and photos created by my own, otherwise I go to websites where you can download and/or use license-free images. These are often from

How would you summarize your consciousness work?

I mainly work for a 4-level model. These four levels are composed of a) dreams, b) out of body experiences, c) exploration of parallel realities, and d) dealing with higher and altered states of consciousness (activating the pineal gland and the usage of spiritual dissociation). Almost all my experiences are around these 4 elements.

How is it possible that you have so many experiences? Do you constantly take drugs or are you patronized in a psychiatry?

I meditate regularly since my youth. Somehow all of ma ywork is getting paid out. From time to time I maybe smoked a joint, but that’s barely all. Also I once (!) tried LSD in my life, but almost all experiences have emerged by my trained will. Everyone can learn it, as I have learned through my special dissociation techniques.

I’m sorry, but I do not believe a single thing you write! This is all invented and lied to make money. This can not be true!

I can understand, if someone can not believe everything that I write. If I would be in your place, I probably would not think otherwise. But I can absolutely assure that I have experienced all the stuff  I write about on my blog and would be willing in to test myself with a lie detector or something like that. I deeply reject lies on these topics, and I am very much interested in the enlightenment of all humans, to find out what possibilities are open to everyone, all people in this world should be enlightened about the many deceptions that inhibit the development of spirituality globally and individually.

Your statements seem so absolute and clear, is not that just your interpretation?

Of course, I am also a man with a mind, views and opinions, interpreting this and that in his own way. I usually do not speak of this freely, but through the dissociation it is possible for every human being to reach a state of consciousness in which there are no interpretations, but the clear and all-explanatory overall picture of the great puzzle becomes visible. This is what I call the “seeing”, in reference to Carlos Castaneda, who had also experienced this condition and aptly named it so.

With this “seeing” I could get many of the findings in this state. This state is far from the constant counseling of the mind, its innumerable philosophies about what is true and what is not. It is still free for everyone to believe or simply to present everything as invented. Everyone has freedom. But is it to way to easy to simply say, I would lie? Why do not you try it yourself? Learn the dissociation and you will see the same as I!

Your descriptions and recollections of these states are so detailed. No man can remember that much!

Right, it’s not easy to remember it all. It is primarily pure training. If I do not have details, which of course often occurs, then I try to add them to my best conscience. In terms of content, however, all of this has been taken from my memories and not altered in its meaning.

Why do not create all you want when you dream lucid?

I have created so many things in my lucid dreams, I cannot count it anymore. I am then started beingprimarily concerned with practicing a passive lucidity in order to keep the experience as long as possible and to leave the dream process to my unconscious. This, in turn, has a very definite goal, namely to be permanently lucid in everyday life.

Have you ever been in a psychiatry or similar?

Maybe a few times but just to visit someone. I also do not feel like a victim of my visions, dreams or other experiences, because I can control them very well. I can not always activate them on command, but they can stop them at any time. People who go to psychiatry do this because they can not control something and feel themselves a victim of their own inner power, or they are told by incompetent people that they are sick.

How many people have you helped already?

I cannot count them anymore. I helped many people, hundreds and more, who needed help with physical and/or psychological problems.

Why do you take money for your knowledge? I find this really immature and unspiritual!

On my website, you will receive a lot of texts, lectures, blog entries, experiences, techniques, internal knowledge, tips by e-mail, the possibility to connect you free of charge with free teaching letters are all for free. Also free postings, articles, references, awareness exercises, also free consultations for people who have no money and much more. The only things you pay for are my seminars, books and audio files. And these are not necessary. Books and MP3 also require purchase costs. Postage and materials, etc. organizing the workshops also costs a lot of money, time and research, neither free spaces, free train travel, free gasoline, free hotel stays or a decent financial office etc. And we should not forget the plenty of time I invest day by day.

I have no money, can’t I get everything from you for free?

The problem is that I get 30-50 mails and messages daily. Many of them would like me to help them, meet up with them, etc. So I decided to do this no longer free of charge, because my personal life and spare-time is still in my first desire. Like this it’s possible for me, to separate and organize all of the stuff that is really important to them, which also makes it possible to gain some money. Nowadays you can easily earn money and if your cell phone is broken, for example, in a glimpse of an eye a new one is on the table. Then all levers and possibilities are used to get money for the new mobile phone. Nowadays even 14-year-olds manage to get somehow a mobile phone that costs several hundred euros. This shows: If something is really important to you, you’ll be able to get it.

Besides, the people, who got my help for free, have not appreciated my help, because they thought, if it is for free it can’t be that good. People have more respect and put more meaning into something when they have to pay for it. Sounds sad, but unfortunately it is always happening. And because of that reason, I decided to not make it for free. I therefore give workshops where you can acquire the “basic program” in theory and practice, and when I have a “omen” with the person I am interested in, the person becomes one of my personal students. However, if you stick to the version that you are not able to raise money, there is no other way to read my blog every day. In this way you will learn a lot, which gives an orientation and transparency.

Are you in a sect or even a Guru?

No, I do not belong to a sect and I am not a guru either. When I work with other people, I put emphasis on working in a team. There is no hierarchy with me. I prefer to meet people on the same level.

Have you abjured all desires like sex, alcohol, nicotine, meat, etc.?

I do not drink or smoke. Sometimes I eat vegetarian or vegan or keto or nothing at all of these. Not to smoke or to drink can have the advantage to put your energies onto other things, but mostly one focuses then on other things hat needs energy. Sex, on the other hand, affects the channeling of one of our main energies. Quitting sex can have a big impact on energy, but also the practice of sex, under certain aspects, in order to concentrate the energies more strongly. Kundalini is a possible practice here, but there are also some other more unfamiliar practices to get good results. All of these and other practices increase the chances, but they are absolutely not necessary.

You seem to be doing well. Is not that a contradiction: money and enlightenment?

Prosperity or poverty have nothing to do with the expansion of consciousness or have any influence on it. Whether someone is a vagrant or a millionaire, both can expand their consciousness equally. The belief that poverty is more conducive to the expansion of consciousness originated originally from the Indian faith system in connection with its box system as well as from Buddhism with its begging monks.

You once mentioned inner and outer way, what does it mean?

There are two different ways to achieve your own totality: “the way inward” and the “external way”. The way to the outside is through the love and the many reincarnations you have to go through. This is the usual way, which is possible for everyone and runs automatically with everyone. For this, almost all people have decided. Advantage: You have a lot of time and in the end everything is full of love. Disadvantage: You have to come back to Earth and reincarnate until you have completed your reincarnation cycle. This can take many thousands of years. The way inside is however an “abbreviation”. From this path one can reach the totality of the self only as long as one is physically incarnated. The process of being back to the totality can thus only happen out of everyday life. Some prefer the “normal” way to go through the reincarnations, but few focus on the path inside. They want to cut short the way and save themselves a lot more lives and cease to rummage after the motto: “Oh what the hell, then I’ll do it in the next life … or in the next … or in the next …”.

Can I donate money or help you with your research work somehow?

Yes, you can. Donations are possible via Paypal by simply clicking on “Donate“. You can also donate anonymously with Bitcoins to the address: 1AneNsMtk155n8REWjLXLzv4hyZeusuGd8 . If there will be enough sufficient funds are available, I am planning on opening an institute. This institute would be a house, a starting point for people who would like to be trained and teached in parapsychological abilities. Further research would also take place there. The formation of groups is the first step. Of course, the financial resources are still missing. For this reason, donations are always very welcome, so that this project can be put into practice at any time. A foundation would, of course, be very good and welcome.

I’ve heard from people, that you visited them at your seminars in the astral body and pulled them out of their bodies? How can I imagine that?

That is correct. My mentor or I travel within seconds to every participant of my seminar to get them out of the body on the astral plane. Of course, I can not guarantee that you will always have an out-of-body experience at night, but many have had. My success rate is between 25-90%. It depends on each participant how well he remembers my appearance.

Most of the time, about 20% remember that they had seen, heard and felt. 30% were suddenly out-of-body and did not know what it was like, and the others had very intense and lucid dreams. In any case hundreds of participants have already thanked me for their wonderful and exciting experiences. Some even had the same out-of-body experiences, were able to report mutually matching sequences and thus complement their memories.

The best so far were four people who had experienced the same out-of-body experience and had met in a hotel room of a participant because they had followed me out of the body after pulling out. Others met their deceased father/mother/grandmother and others. Some of them were full of joy and tears. Personally, I’m convinced that the higher self of each one will already have the right experience when the astral night arrives.

You write about the Mars and the Moon, and also about the things that occur in conspiracy theories. Why do not you fly there or there to check if it’s all true?

Of course, I can, for example, take an astral journey to Mars and see what is true and what does not, what on the Internet so unbelievable stories roam around. I’ve been to Mars or the Moon and other planets several times … I wrote about it several times in my blog. Judging from my experiences, there are many of the things that have been written about. Despite all this, I can not always say with absolute certainty whether the things perceived there are part of an alternative reality or actually part of our reality. Reality is much more open-minded, and you can look at every reality. But to answer your question: On my travels I have seen much of what was reported. I’ve checked everything, as far as I could, and I can assure it’s even more incredible than you might even guess…

Do you train students?

Yes, at my seminars or as a personal coach.

Why do spiritual masters never fully disclose their knowledge unless you pay for it? I would like to see a kind of Neo or Morpheus wanting to give their full energy into the liberation.

I think many “spiritual masters” also want “students” who put their full energy into the liberation and do not sit relaxed on the sofa and hope that they are given the knowledge on a silver tray. Many “masters” certainly offer their knowledge for money, as you are absolutely right, but if you get 30 or 50 messages daily, in which each individual wishes what you want, how to arrange this in time without his complete To abandon private life and to completely surrender to the wishes of others? Therefore, one does not pay for knowledge, but rather for attention and lifetime.

We are all mortal beings with limited life on earth. In addition, a “teacher” always has to watch the knowledge of the “student”, as this would have been didactic and energetic very disadvantageous for the student. He simply does not realize why it is important to keep the knowledge dosed and patiently wait until he reaches the realization independently. Knowledge must always be achieved by the person himself. This is in everyday life as well as in dreams.

Otherwise, every dream character would simply come to one and say “Hey, you’re dreaming!” But this is not the case and this has its good reason. But if you are so impatient, why don’t you take the great step and take a high dose of a consciousness-expanding substance? And you already have a much more effective teacher who shows you the way.


I wrote you an e-mail and you did not answer. Why?

Usually I answer every e-mail I get. It can sometimes take a while. If I do not answer, then I probably did not receive your email or your address is included in my filter (because you sent twenty others before) and was cleared in advance. However, the last scenario does not happen really often. Just text me again.

I have sent you an e-mail with questions and got no answer. Why?

Since I receive about 30-50 messages daily, I decided that you have to pay for personal questions with full answers. It costs 30 euro per e-mail with questions and answers. If you do not have the money, you can search my blog for free or post your questions. If it is really important for you to get in contact with me, then you can personally talk with me or even meet me.

I wrote a comment on your blog but it’s not published or open for everyone! Why?

If you write a comment that has been written by before several times in a row or is not at all relevant to the topic or simply provokes, then the comment may be deleted. In this case, I am concerned about the many visitors who hope for a clear and thematic listing of the comments. In this regard, unfortunately, I can only take less consideration of the personal wishes of an individual. All comments must be enabled first. Firstly because of the advertising and secondly because some also send me private messages about the commentary function. This ensures the highest anonymity.

I can not comment anymore, I’ve been blocked by you! Why?

If a person writes negative, annoying, exclusively provocative or completely unsuitable comments or permanently writes advertising, he or she gets into afilter and no further comments are possible. But you can text me, apologize and then get removed from the spam filter.

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