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Jonathan Dilas Writer, Blogger and Artist

Jonathan Dilas is a writer, blogger and artist for photography, graphic & design and image creation.

He has become known through his 14 published books on dreams and consciousness expansion, various anthologies, several mystery and fantasy novels, short stories and poetry, but also through many television interviews and many other online interviews and podcasts.

And based on further interviews, e.g. at various live congresses and online congresses such as “HelloDream”, “Dream Free!”, “Starseed Interview”, “KI vs. Human”, “Neugeburt in Deine wahre Essenz”, “ClearDream-Congress”, “Congress Quantum Jump”, “Comed”, “Ur-Force 2. 0″, ‘Golden Globe Generation’, ‘Wake News TV’, ‘Cosmic Society’, ‘Kontroversum’, ‘Sagenhaft und Wunderbar’, interview with ‘TheClearDreamers’, Alicia Kusumitra interview ‘Times of Change’, interview with Agathe Fohler, interview with Nepomuk Maier and many other panel discussions. He has also been mentioned on the blogs of ‘Astrolymp’, ‘Wellnissimo’, Nordhessen Journal, Anti-Matrix-Blog, Alias Infoblog, The Untouchables by Jan van Helsing and many others.

The musical video production “On the Train” as a protest against wars of all kinds, which Jonathan Dilas produced in collaboration with the well-known German artists Mama Baer and Kommissar Hjuler, may also be worthy of note. Music and lyrics by Jonathan Dilas, video and acting by the two artists mentioned.

His selection of works, i.e. poems, short stories, excerpts from manuscripts, essays, papers and music lyrics, which he has compiled exclusively on his website, give a small insight into his many ideas, creations and countless written pages, which he has brought to life with the help of his creativity, research and dreams.

About Jonathan Dila’s Author Profile:

Since 2004, he has been writing in his blog under the name “The Matrixblogger” about a wide variety of topics such as dreams, lucid dreaming, out-of-body experiences, pineal gland, UFOs & aliens, psychology, philosophy, phenomenology and much more. On (only germ, on the other hand, he presents himself with his literary works and an insight into poems (poetry), short stories (prose), fantasy and mystery novels, borderline science articles and his personal collection of galleries.

Name: Jonathan Dilas
Profession: Writer, Blogger and Artist
Genres: Non-Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal Science
Writing area: Non-fiction, fiction, poetry, prose, blogging
Graphic area: Graphics & design, photography, image creation
Education: Webdesign, Photography, graphic design
Activities: Internet café, IT teacher, IT specialist, photographer, website creation and maintenance, seminar leader, graphic design
Secondary activities: Crypto Currencies, Consultant
Active as a consciousness researcher: since 1999
Published Books: 14 Books (german), 2 Books in english
Most successful book: Spiritual Dissociation – Vol 1
Mentale Interests: Expanding Consciousness, Out-of-Body Experiences, Lucid Dreaming, Spiritual Psychology, Dissociation
Projects: Consciousness Research, Spiritual Research Projects, Interviews, Videoproject “Matrixxer”, Meditation Music with Frequencies
Seminars: Spiritual Seminars (only in german)



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