There are many interpretations of where the Christmas festival comes from, but it has not yet been fully clarified. In higher states of consciousness, however, one can find out what these festivals are all about. Christmas is in any case an interesting and very symbolic festival and not a festivalContinue Reading


The legend that there exists a world within our world, the so-called hollow earth, and that there are openings at the poles of our earth, through which one can enter into this inner strange world, is very old. The Dalai Lama once got a key to the city of Shambalah,Continue Reading


The 52-year-old Canadian and famous actor Jim Carrey, known from th movie “Truman Show“, Bruce Almighty” and many other Hollywood movies, said on the November 14th in the popular TV show of Jimmy Kimmel: “I’m pissed off because of all of the mystery and all the lies from the Illuminati!”Continue Reading

Exit the Matrix and your true self

How often can we observe people in movies, who possess certain skills? They fly high into the sky, can create storms, hurl people with a pure thought, heal the sick ones, teleport themselves from one place to another and so much more. Well-known names are Superman, Batman, Spiderman, X-Men, theContinue Reading