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For spiritual beginners: What does Getting out of the Matrix mean?

For spiritual beginners: What does Getting out of the Matrix mean?

For spiritual beginners: What does Getting out of the Matrix mean? The different forms of the matrix, how they are defined and how to understand this better

The matrix as a term comes from Latin and means something like “the mother animal” or “the womb”, the source from which everything emerged. The matrix also actually represents a code that consists of an arrangement of numbers. The majority of matrix is ​​matrices.

The binary Numbers and the Matrix

An arrangement of numbers can also be binary numbers, i.e. 1 and 0. Several consecutive binary numbers, i.e. 1 and 0, can then also result in larger numbers – see example:

0 = 0
1 = 0 + 1
10 = 0 + 1 + 1
11 = 0 + 1 + 1 + 1
100 = 0 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1

In this way, by simply applying 0 and 1, you can find the higher numbers, such as the numbers 10, 11 and 100 here. In this way, every number that we know can be represented by an arrangement of zeros and ones.

You can also use the numbers 0 and 1 for no and yes. With this structure it is possible to represent any number, word, object or subject. Computer games are ultimately only based on zeros and ones. And as you probably know, it is possible for a programmer to represent any object in a game.

Using these options, it is also possible to create a virtual reality that appears seamless and completely logical, i.e. with people, animals, objects and any interaction situations. The best example of our time is VR glasses (Virtual Reality Glasses). This is a large pair of glasses that you put on and have two monitors that make this virtual environment seem like a “real” reality. You can move around in it as you like and perform a variety of actions.

The World on the Wire

The movie “World on Wire“, a two-part film by Werner Fassbinder from 1973 and based on the book “Simulacron 3” by Daniel F. Galouye, is about a highly developed computer called Simulacron 1, which simulates the life of a small town . This small town is exactly like any town from our lives and so-called identity units live in it. They lead a completely normal life and even have a consciousness that allows them to make their own decisions. The simulation runs 24/7 and every single unit that plays a life in it has no idea that they are in a simulation. This means that this simulated small town and the simulation units living in it are actually convinced that they live in true reality.

The main character in the film gradually realizes that he is in a simulation, even though his friends and the authorities call him crazy. Nobody believes him. At some point he manages to leave this simulation. He now believes that he has arrived in the true reality and was able to free himself. But over time it dawns on him that he is only in a kind of higher simulation, that he could only free himself from the simulation of a simulation, so to speak.

In this way he has to recognize that every simulation has at some point come up with the brilliant idea of ​​perhaps creating a simulation in which “real life” should be simulated.

The division of the Matrices

1. The Matrix of Workers

Here, “Out of the Matrix” is an effort to escape from the professional hamster wheel, i.e. working 8 hours a day, receiving a small wage, going to sleep, only to start all over again the next day. In this context, anyone who finds a job that enables higher earnings and does not have to work 8 hours a day and is independent of a location means that they have “left” the professional matrix.

2. The Earth and Moon Matrix (3D Matrix)

This assumes that our everyday physical reality also represents such a simulation, which is generated by the placement of an artificial moon. The moon has projectors, so to speak, that simulate an almost complete matrix on earth, including the amnesia of every matrix participant, i.e. no one within the 3D matrix (also: analog matrix) remembers having entered it at some point.

3. Die 4D Matrix

The frequency discrepancy between the 3D matrix and the free matrix (5D) creates a shadow image of the 3D matrix, only at a slightly offset higher frequency. You usually enter this automatically after the death of your physical 3D body or 3D avatar. The 4D Matrix is ​​structured similarly to the 3D Matrix, but is an extension of it with personalities, objects and beings that may or may not be known in the 3D Matrix.

4. The Free Matrix (5D Matrix)

If you come out of the matrix, i.e. the 3D matrix, and also overcome the 4D matrix, you get into the 5D matrix (also: digital matrix). This means that the jump from the narrow 3D matrix to the much freer 5D matrix has been achieved. This 5D matrix is ​​much larger and more extensive because it includes not just a single planet (see Planet Earth), but all planets, suns, solar systems and galaxies in the universe.

The computer game Elite

This is one of the first space games that could be played on early home computers. You get a spaceship and fly from one planet to another as a trader in order to buy goods cheaply and sell them more expensively on another planet. The further you progress in this game, the better spaceships and equipment you can afford.

After this game was released in the 80s, impressive graphics were not discovered in it. Everything consisted of just a black screen with round white circles (planets), small white dots (stars) and triangles (spaceships) as well as the odd landing station (octahedron) in the orbit of a planet. Only over the years did this game become more and more graphically prepared, i.e. the planets and spaceships were given individual colors, there were simple landscapes, space stations with surroundings, etc.

Well, even today the game “Elite” is still very well known and enjoys increasing improvements in terms of graphics, but also in terms of complexity and increasingly better designed and expanded star maps. But even at this point you can ask yourself what this game will probably look like in the year 2224? One can certainly assume that it is then possible to project oneself into this game with one’s full consciousness and to experience it as clearly and comprehensively as one’s current, familiar everyday world.

From this point on, it is perhaps understandable that erasing the memory, which at least relates to the time before entering the game, would be entirely possible. Maybe not permanently, but at least for the duration of the current game.

Calculation of Time – the great Prejudice

Most people assume that humanity is in the year 2024 and it is certainly not possible to create such a complex simulation as the 3D or 5D matrix. It is said that our technological development is not yet that advanced. This may be true, but this statement only applies to life and time on Earth.

But what about technological development outside the 3D matrix, i.e. the Earth? There are planets that exist in solar systems whose inhabitants are tens of thousands of years ahead of us. How likely is it that they could create a simulation like the 3D Matrix?

Outside the Earth there are completely different time calculations, such as the year 2224, 3549, 7821, 432900 etc. It depends on the development of each planet.

The reason for a Simulation

At this point, one may ask, what could be the motivation behind creating such a simulation? That’s a good question. But if you look at the motivation behind the creation of computer games on our planet, hedonistic and financial reasons are far ahead. You have fun playing a computer game and the programmers and architects earn money from it at the same time. The gaming market generates many billions annually – not to mention the advertising, narratives and representations of reality placed in it.

Here you can see the city of New York (see left). Streets, skyscrapers, plants, factories, shops, etc. But if you take a closer look, you realize that it can’t be New York, but rather a motherboard. A motherboard is required for a computer to function. It has slots for the processor and RAM, for the graphics card, capacitors, resistors, necessary connections, a constant flow of power and various other things.

At first glance, the structure of a large city resembles such a mainboard. Maybe this may be a coincidence, but maybe not.

The Human Body is electrical

The human body continually uses electrical signals to communicate, move, and also think. Communication takes place in the form of signals in the nervous system. Our entire body uses electrical impulses that can easily travel more than 120 meters per second.

Our body generates electricity not just in one place, but in several places, i.e. in the brain, in the heart, in our organs and sensory organs. Basically, each of our body cells is a small energetic power plant. The ion currents on the cell membrane create voltage in the cell wall, i.e. this is around 70 to 90 mV.

Now take these values ​​and multiply them by the cells and at the same time by the number of the global population. This results in a considerable number.

What is Loosh?

Loosh or Lush is the name for an energy that a creator being generates over the course of his life. The more noise it produces, the more energy it produces and releases.

If you now remember the Swiss company mentioned above, which wants to redirect the body’s electrical energy so that it can, for example, operate a pacemaker completely independently, it is not far-fetched to claim that humanity generates so much energy for others Projects can be redirected and used. In this context one speaks of collective Lusch production.

The movie Jupiter Ascending

The film “Jupiter Ascending,” produced by the Wachowski sisters, depicts alien companies that trade in planets. Each planet belongs to a rich businessman and its value is measured by the production of human energy, which is collected in containers and traded. This collected energy allows for different uses.

About the story:

The right to planet Earth is claimed by the three leading houses, of which Abrasax is one. The Earth is one of thousands of planets whose inhabitants have no idea of ​​their universal industrialization. Due to the aliens’ highly developed technology, it is even easy for them to erase any of people’s memories if an encounter occurs between them. Even fights on the surface of the earth and the destruction of any building can be regenerated within hours and the traces covered up so that none of the earth’s inhabitants notice. It is as if the aliens could use sidings of perceptual consciousness that humans completely miss. They therefore remain clueless and trapped in their eternal routines. Abrasax Industries sows planets and harvests them at certain intervals once they have reached a certain population number. However, it remains unclear what such a harvesting process looks like in detail and to what extent the residents may experience it from their perspective.

Jupiter Ascending is an excellent parable for understanding human lush production, planetary seeding and harvesting, amnesia, and the creation of a new world order.

What does getting out of the matrix mean?

In spirituality, getting out of the matrix means that you first leave the earth matrix, i.e. the 3D matrix. There are several ways to do this.

Once you have achieved this, you usually end up in the next matrix, the 5D matrix. It is much freer than the 3D matrix and you also have much fewer problems with collective amnesia. But this matrix was also once created artificially. A spiritual seeker then sets out to leave this matrix too. To do this he tries to ascend to higher levels (ascension), i.e. up to 6D and 7D.

Reaching 9D takes him to the limit of all matrices. From there he can return home to the real world.

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