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Ego-induced Dreams and False Awakening


“By her unfaithfulness, the truth escapes the discernment.”
(Heraclitus of Ephesus about 500 BC)

The ego, here defined as a everyday-you with access to a mind plus limited memory unit, which is generated primarily by your own education and programmed by the social system, parents, teachers and the state, as well as manipulated food, has a quite wide-ranging influence on sensory perceptions. However, the ego has only a limited influence on your dreams, mainly in the asleep and waking up phase. For example, it can wait for a careless moment while you are falling asleep, and then the self, here defined as an inner ego connected to the consciousness, ego and the body, with a separate suppletoric memory unit, can fall asleep…

This does not mean that it is not there is also an instance that supports this process on the other hand, so you can also speak of a correlative or fluctuation camouflage, which means, it is based on reciprocity. Falling asleep is based on a rapid change of consciousness or a sudden shift in the focus, which is caused by the acceleration of the apparatus of thinking and the association process. Such fast changes of perception are very much habitual for the ego and usually do not have the possibility of being fully aware of the falling asleep process. At this point, it is possible to place additive consciousness exercises. In the awakening process, a plurality of filtering options or camouflaging alternatives are present, for example, in the case of the modulation of the memory unit, commutable sequences are, mentally suppletorically alternated.

Example 1 – Dream A in the wake-up phase with an already completed secondary camouflage:

I am laying in my bed in my bedroom. Suddenly the door opens. There comes a person who looks very strange. It reminds me of a comedian who has put on giant black glasses with thick glasses, so that the eyes look huge.

Somehow, as a result of his mere presence, he managed to temporarily immobilize me and ban me to my bed. A few seconds later, a second person comes in to the door, which carries exactly the same glasses and who seems to be the father or his superior of the first person. He is also a bit older and more authoritarian. So I am not only surprised about the identical glasses (camouflage 1), but also about the fact, that two people with such a similar appearance meet in the same place (camouflage 2). Then I wake up.

The astonishment or the short-term flare-up of the interrogation, however, which is not explored further, is one of the primary reasons for the existence of a subsequent concealment or a secondary-re-aeration process. Lucid dreamers perform extensive reality checks (RC’s) in their daily lives, in order to be aware of a dream of the present state. They are hoping that these RCs will repeat themselves in the dream due to iterative daily routines and will be designated as dreamsigns “DS”. These can be presented in several claddings, such as, for example, signifying subject- and object-related elements. In this way cars can turn into trees or humans into animals and have been differentiated by Carl-Gustav Jung as symbolic dreams. This term is quite justified, but presents little differentiation, since a symbol is present, but only because a secondary cessation process has been activated.

To mention this by the way, this is also an excellent indication of the existence of intentional filtering processes on the part of the ego and certainly not for a simple everyday processing or nonsense, or undifferentiated choicelessness of the dream world, but rather the accumulation of secondary reentrant processes the capacity or inability of the The scientific assumption that the dream world is an illogical, akausal, and hence a reality-remote state, is also a second-arena process of the ego. Without considering this decisive factor, all scientific assumptions about the dream world are simply negligible and unprofessional because they are based on the (in-) ability of the dreamer to perceive the dream world continuously, coherently and causally. Dream characters represent an obvious sign of the lucid dreamer to be in a dream state, while a dream explorer recognizes that a secondary cauterization process is present. The dreamer’s ego veils suppressiv the experienced dream. For this reason, for a standard dreamer or normal dreamer, there is only the possibility to experience a dream as a simple memory. Only a lucid or conscious dreamer is capable of verifying a dream. In this context we could speak of a dream-ekmnesia, which means the dream will be experienced as a present perception in its usual past experience.

Example 2 – Dream B in the wake-up phase with active-processing secondary alert:

I am laying in my bed, I stand up, and go into the kitchen. There is an alien with a big head and big eyes. Automatically, I get the intuition that it is a female alien. She tells me that she wants to meditate with me. We sit down on chairs. She takes my hands and we look into each others eyes. Suddenly I feel that I wake up. The last image in my head, is the head of the alien. The more my everyday self takes the lead to take over the everyday life, something strange happens: the head of the extraterrestrials is transforming, and suddenly overlaps with an artificial fluff, which reminds of the fur of stuffed animals. Shortly after, I hold a stuffed animal head in my hand. The applied hypermnesia provides clarification in the field of secondary watering processes. Without consideration of this, there is hardly any question of a serious dream research. Thus, it is to be assumed that the mind or the ego in the alliance is a devastating double agent pursuing personal intentions which tries to escape the clarification of dreams and then the usual everyday consciousness or memory.

Example 3 – Dream C with active-processing secondary alarm during the sleep process:

I fell asleep and woke up in another bed (False Awakening). I sat down on the edge of the bed and put on my shoes. After that I wanted to go. My friend suddenly came in and asked me what I was going to do, and I answered that I had to go home now. I wondered briefly because I saw my backpack standing next to the wardrobe, but I remembered clearly, that I had not taken it with me. A second later, I suddenly remembered, that I had taken him with him…

The memory of everyday life, not having a backpack, is identified by the ego as the possibility to trigger a lucid state poststumously and a secondary re-aching process by alternating the memory initiated and thus thwarted. Intentional camouflage processes, which are suppressively suppressive of the consciousness (False-Memory-Process), serve to diversify or repress any possible consciousness or self-discovery processes – to maintain illusionary assumptions, to be in the waking state in everyday life and to conceal the morningly False Awakening Syndrome. The assumption that this syndrome is to be applied only to the dream world is therefore beyond any foundation.

A double consciousness (for example the you of everyday life and the dream self) obviously implies the possibility of a conflict of memories or the intentional obfuscation of processes in the alpha and thetic states, and forces pro memoria an alternative to the simple manipulation of personal assessments. It completely withdraws from an objective scientific view of the complete subject as soon as a scientist is an untrained dreamer, or the more untrained he is, the more camouflage processes are accumulated and the more the research result is distorted. True dream science requires a comprehensive training and an awareness adjustment for a more precise determination. By looking at all research results in all areas, which is at all possible, this leads to a compulsory and comprehensive reevaluation, for how can any scientific result be regarded as serious at all if there are countless secondary restoration processes both in dreams and in everyday life? In order to formulate it verbally or physically, your own double-agent sits in its own head and maneuvers various camouflage processes, just as quantum particles remain as particles only as soon as they are observed or an observing consciousness is involved.


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Ekmnesie: Experience the past as the present.

Hypermnesia: Increasing the ability to remember everyday or dream perceptions.

False Memory Syndrome: Secondary Arrest Process – Remembles the memory.

False Awakening: Secondary Arrest Process – You wake up in a dream in another bed and think you’re awakened.

Déjà-vu Experiences: Familiarity or recognition of people or situations.

Jamais vu experiences: alienation of people or situations.

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