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Dreamnight: The Black Man is Coming

“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (dream spying).

I suddenly found myself in an extended state of consciousness. It seemed to me as if I were at the same time an observer and a participant of a particular situation. I sat with a friend at a table. We talked about our spiritual development and there was always something funny to report. We also talked about the fact that every person has a coach, a guide or teacher, who always trains you in dreams. Then I told her about my gruesome encounters with the black man, who had always taken place. It was always a three-dimensional shadow that had driven me ruthlessly in my childhood…

As I began to tell, my consciousness shot out of my body and instantly moved into the moment I was reporting. It was as if I were experiencing the past experience again: Suddenly I was laying in my bed. I was a child and was afraid. It was dark and I could feel clearly how someone had come unannounced into my room. I hardly dared to open my eyes. If I opened it now, I thought I could see a frightening face close to my face, or evil demons hung on the ceiling, waiting for me to recognize them and then throw them down at me.

When I see them, then they are real! It shot through my head. Then they became stronger and real. And once they’re real, I’m done! So I kept my eyes closed, hardly dared to breathe or move. Perhaps this foreign energy would soon leave my room and disappear. So I was laying there now and waited.

Somehow, I opened my eyes and looked around the room… There! There I could see him clearly! A black shadow. Not only is a two-dimensional shadow, as we know it, when a light source is nearby, but a real, compact, three-dimensional shadow, touchable and a powerful, even evil radiance.

A touch through this shadow may already mean death! And he has now perceived that I can see him… He turned to me now… it was the black man! That was clear to me now. I wanted to scream! Someone call for help, but I could not move anymore. All I could still move was my eyes. My body was paralyzed, unable to move. And now I saw the horror that he was coming towards me. He came to my bed and looked down at me. Then he sat down on the edge of my bed and stretched out his hand… Now it had happened to me!

Change of scene. I was in a similar situation, but a different setting. There I was already in a dream this time and stood in a room unknown to me. In the strange surroundings, I tried to orient myself and think about where I was at all. But I had no time to think, for I felt the presence of the black man again. I ran away! Through the room, looking for a hiding place.

Soon he will be there and grab me! Should I hide under the bed? No, that was too obvious. Or behind the curtain? No, it was too conspicuous. Best under the table in the living room. Surely the black man would go directly into the bedroom and look for me there and then pass directly at the living room table. I crawled under the table, adjusted the tablecloth nicely, and held my breath. Then I felt quite clearly how he came into the living room I hoped that he simply went past me and I could then flee through the front door outside.

Suddenly he raised the tablecloth and looked under the table! Panic-filled I woke up in my bed. So lucky! It was just a dream. I straightened up and went to the refrigerator to get something to drink. Meanwhile I had even found a nickname for the black man: ‘Seventy-Seconds’. So I called him because he always managed to find me within seventy seconds, no matter where or how well I was hiding.

As soon as I had opened the refrigerator and grabbed a juice, I felt a strange feeling… a sense of the threat… it seemed as if the black man was already back. Indeed. I could feel him coming to my apartment. I closed the refrigerator door and fevered again, which hiding place I should choose this time. Under the table? No, we had that. In the refrigerator? Too cold! Under the blanket? No, he would have a really easy game…

While I was still thinking so hesitantly, I felt like he was already standing in front of my living room door… Then he slowly pushed the door latch down… He was back! There was no doubt about that…

However, did not all this seem familiar to me? Was not I already in a dream and thought it was a reality? Had not I just woken up from a dream in which the black man had successfully seized me? Now it’s enough! I have enough of the hunt now! This time I will face the black man and if I had to die for it. This hunting was not a condition. The living room door opened… I turned to the black man. Should he come! The door was now wide open and the black shadow came to me more purposefully…

I remained steadfast and took me to look him directly in the face! Then he stopped short before me and came close to his head with my head. I saw in front of me a wagging, dark mass filled with stars and pure blackness. But then suddenly the veil arose. The blackness disappeared and I looked into the face of a red-haired woman with many summer sprouts. She grinned at me kindly. I grinned back and then I awoke in my bed. This time I was really awakened. The black man, then, had been my teacher, who always taught me about dreams on the other side. I had disguised it as a black shadow since my childhood… I thanked her deeply for these memories and of course for this wonderful nightmare.


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