Dreamnight: Constantly in the Fire

“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or in which I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (Dream spying).

In this night I slept perhaps 2 hours, the rest of the night consisted of persistent out of body experiences. Not only did I return to my bed again and again, but kept the condition in order to re-enter it and leave my body. And how do I feel tonight after just 2 hours of sleep? Outstanding! I feel energized and very happy. But there’s a small drop of vermouth … Shame on me! I forgot to turn on my VR! This resulted in a rather stupid situation.

Whenever I return to an out-of-body experience (OBE), I do not move an inch to maintain the condition and not complete it. This has the advantage that I often manage to get back to my second body and to experience another OBE. Unfortunately, I could not switch my VR on afterwards and hovered between the desire to make further experiences or just to stop at a point, move me and turn on the VR to record the experiences. It is time to invent something like a thought recorder. This makes things much easier. It allstarted by opening my balcony window before going to bed and staying a bit outside. The air was so mild and beautiful that I immediately felt the energy that lay in the air. It felt very clear and I inhaled it. Then my state of consciousness changed and I felt connected with the world lovingly. The woods, the mountains, the starry sky… everything was inside me and at the same time outside of me.


It came very close to a sense of unity with the world. Then I went to bed. After maybe five minutes, it would not have lasted longer, I changed into my second body. I hovered above my physical body and ordered me to move sideways. I hovered aside and wanted to get out of my electromagnetic field. When I left it, I hunted at an incredible speed.

I raced through the blackness. I could not see anything, but this is normal in the area. You can also get there when you die. All black. Nobody is far and wide. You have to fly for a while to discover another system. It is so similar to the universe. You have to fly for a while until you meet a world you can enter.

Somehow I suddenly find myself standing in front of a factory hall. People walk past me and walk into the hall. I looked around and wondered what they all wanted. There were hundreds of people. They did not want to work here, but stayed overnight. The stream of people gave me the feeling that I had to go there too. I wondered whether I just flew on, or just let myself in and play the role. I decided to look at it, because I was curious about what they all wanted. I looked at all the people and ran with them. Then I met a man who probably had something to say here and organized it all. He gave me a baby in to my arms, which obviously had lost it’s mother. I should take care of it. I did that.

I thought about whether it might be a war situation in which I was, but there was no panic or bustle. Everyone moved completely normal. We experienced some strange things and the baby seemed to be much more intelligent than usual. It could not speak, but because of his deeds, it was quite clever. It crawled in all possible directions and also had a plan of what it was doing. It was very noticeable for me. I think we have also been telepathic.

Then I was back. I was laying back in my bed. But something was different with me! I wondered what it could be, then I understood. My basic feeling and even in the genital area I definitely felt as a woman! It was quite strange. I certainly stayed longer than 5 minutes in this state until it normalized again. Then returned to an OBE. I moved into my second body and slowly released myself from my physical body…

Suddenly I heard the robot man again! He was back! It was amazing! He really talks like a robot. And this time I even understood a few sentences. I heard him say, “… on the wardrobe…” Then I listened again and then I heard “I… lie on the closet.”

That was very funny. I had a surreal impression as if he was a great-sized beetle who was stranded on my wardrobe from the distance of the universe in the mission that Jonathan was visiting. I wanted to check out tomorrow! After all, he wanted to talk to me so often, and I had never understood him. Afterwards, I returned to my physical body again and felt how everyday life grew stronger and spread over me like a veil. I woke up freshly and rested, and I recorded what I had kept. Presumably, I have lost the 80% of experience, because I could not remember the experiences in the more remote realities. Maybe next time.

Then I looked at the cupboard looking for the stranded robot man from the distant galaxy… but of course I found nothing. The only thing that struck me was that my old Ouija board was on the closet. Maybe I had misinterpreted his message… maybe it was a hint to use it. Let’s see.


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