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Definitions of the used Terms

I hereby declare and assure that everything I have written here on this blog about dreams, out-of-body experiences, altered states of consciousness and everyday experiences, is in line with the facts and has been perceived as described.

Neither am I a dreamer who has turned away from the world or tried to escape from it, nor a nut, wannabe guru or dream dancer. I lead a normal everyday life, work, earn my living just like everyone else, and in my free time I am involved with the expansion of consciousness on several levels, ie. with parapsychology, metaphysics, dreams, out-of-body experiences, alternative realities, and advanced states of consciousness.

Furthermore, for those who are interested, I now list a few standard terms that may appear again and again in my dream diary (weblog):

Abbreviations for Dreaming:

LD = lucid dream
DD = diffuse dream (normal non-lucid dream)
PLD= prelucid dream
HLLD = high-level lucid dreaming (at least as real as everyday life or more real)
AILD = aid-induced lucid dream (using frequencies, substances, nutritional supplements, fragrances, etc.)
HLPLD = high-level preshock lucid dream (preparatory dream to realize that everyday life is also a dream)
DD = Dream Diary
RC = Reality Check
WILD = Wake-induced dream (waked initiated lucid dream) – the wild variant.
MILD = Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams (indirectly from the cloud room to the lucid dream room) – the mild variant.
HS = hypnagogic state (state of drifting off into pictures, sounds and scenes before falling asleep)
OBE = out-of-body experience
NDE = near-death experience (tunnel, light, clinically dead
WBTB = Wake-back-to-bed technique (say wait a few hours, then stay awake for about an hour and then back to bed)
Hemisync = hemispheric synchronization (triggering relaxation states using specific audio frequencies). Take a look here!


Afterlife simply refers to life after death in the hereafter, or a realm of existence that one arrives at after death. This can be a diffuse dark zone but also the physical reality – only with the difference that they can no longer be perceived by the living (see also: AKE).

Altered States of Consciousness

The abundance of possible altered or elevated states of consciousness are still completely unclear. As a rule, they occur suddenly and at short notice. Only in rare cases, such altered states of consciousness remain longer term. One speaks of spiritual, spontaneous, acausal (temporally uncategorizable), psychic and also supernatural states. In most cases, altered states of consciousness within the Western world are often attributed to drug use. Mind-altering drugs would be heroin or cocaine. Consciousness-expanding drugs with spiritual intentions would in this case be e.g. the use of LSD, psilocybin, salvia, DMT or stronger marijuana. In the eastern hemisphere, meditation is primarily used to alter or even expand consciousness. Many meditation techniques, especially from the Buddhist area, have already reached us here. In most cases one speaks of purely positive experiences.


Amnesia is the extensive forgetting that usually occurs during a change of reality of any kind and also during reincarnation. You forget who you were in your previous life and amnesia usually occurs as soon as you enter the 3D matrix.


Amrita is a Sanskrit term that means “immortality” or “elixir of life”. It is the fluid that is found in the pineal gland and is released completely at the onset of death. This fluid can also be released during life through certain practices.

Analog Matrix

see Matrix.


This describes an ascension or the leaving of all matrices of the soul. One leaves the analog (3D matrix) and the digital (free) matrix.


Spiritual beings who are always striving to influence people spiritually via the mind and thinking. Also called Voladores.

Astral Body, 2nd Body, Doppelganger, Other Self, Electrical Body, etc.

The astral body is considered to be an identical image of the physical body except that it is subtler and barely perceptible to physical eyes. With this second body, it is possible to penetrate walls, fly, hover, “teleport” from one place to another, and enter realities unknown and unknown to man. The astral body is therefore not only a name for a physical dream body that attracts the gaze of women and men, but has a double meaning. Synonyms for the subtle body are sometimes very diverse: astral body, etheric body, mental body, doppelganger, electrical body, star body, 2nd body, bioplasmic body, plasma body u.v.a. and spread worldwide.


An avatar is a “remote-controlled” puppet or artificial figure that is programmed or animated, exposed in a reality and used for these and those purposes. In computer business this is also called virtual construction, e.g. when you’re moving a character around in a game and trying to solve the game challenges with it. The computer game “SIMS” is a very good example of this.


Establishing a telepathic connection to another being, also known as tunneling, in order to receive information (indirect channeling) or lending one’s body to a spirit being who can then speak through it (direct channeling).


The art of seeing into the future or receiving information that one could not normally have known or tapping into the collective consciousness. This is also often linked to the term “precognition”, the art of foreseeing upcoming events.

Collective Consciousness (Akashic Records)

C.G. Jung coined the term collective consciousness to suggest that humanity is globally connected to a common pool of consciousness or that we are all connected to each other in our thoughts and feelings. This may be familiar from Far Eastern wisdom, which states, quite simply, that we are all one. The term Akashic Records may be mentioned at this point, which actually attempts to describe the same thing. Anyone who can enter the collective consciousness can dock onto every person who has existed, exists and will even exist. The thoughts and feelings of every person should be traceable in this collective consciousness.

Coordination Point (Place of Power)

A place of power, a physical location that has more psychic power than can be found in other places. Also called a place of power or coordination point.


The cryocapsule is a very advanced technological device that many alien civilizations possess, mainly for entertainment and amusement. However, some aliens use this technology to hack into the 3D matrix and into a human in order to act through them in the 3D world. Today’s VR glasses are a weak copy of this technology.


A person who triggers dreaming and out-of-body experiences with the help of mind-expanding substances. This is also often used for dreamers or oneironauts.

Collective Consciousness

C. G. Jung established the term collective consciousness to indicate that humanity is globally connected to a nonprofit awareness pool, or that they are all interconnected in their thoughts and feelings. This is perhaps known from Far Eastern wisdom, in which it is said, quite simply, that we are all one. The term Akashic Chronicle may be mentioned here, which actually tries to describe the same thing. Anyone who can enter the collective consciousness can dock with anyone who exists, exists, and even exists. Each person’s thoughts and feelings should be traceable in this collective consciousness.

Déjà vu

The feeling of having experienced something before, even though the experience is happening for the first time. From the French: (desha vü/, French: ‘ya visto’ = seen before).

Digital Matrix or Free Matrix

This is the universe with all its suns, planets, galaxies and aliens. In the spiritual scene, this is referred to as 5D.

Direct Understanding (“Seeing”)

Direct understanding (as opposed to: indirect understanding, theory, acquired knowledge) is a state in which one recognizes that things are this way or that way, one experiences the knowledge, however small it may be. The term “seeing” is also synonymous.


Dissociation is used as a term in many areas. In physics, chemistry, psychiatry and psychology. In the context of psychology and psychiatry, it describes a state in which one is almost free of associations. Unfortunately, psychology evaluates this state negatively.

In my case, however, I consider dissociation to be much more constructive. This is why I also refer to it as “spiritual dissociation” or “constructive dissociation”, i.e. as one of the most effective skills for asserting one’s wishes, goals and intentions as quickly as possible, as well as being able to deal with dream and everyday reality and alternative realities much better. Dissociation is understood as a temporary deactivation of the mind, thought processes and personal self-observation (ego). This process, which can last only seconds or minutes, accumulates a person’s psychic power and then suddenly releases it, catapulting them into higher states of consciousness. This effect can also be initiated by mind-expanding substances.


DMT (dimethyltryptamine) is a consciousness molecule and is produced in the brain by the pineal gland. However, DMT is also one of the strongest hallucinogenic drugs in existence.

Dream Night

When I speak of a dream night, I mean my experiences within a lucid dream, an out-of-body experience or an exciting or mysterious dreams.

Dream and Mental Energy (“Psychoelectric Energy”, term by Dilas)

In lucid dreams, especially in distant realities where there are no people, you can find, absorb and transport vast amounts of energy into everyday life. This energy is then transformed into psychic energy in everyday life and can be used for many things. The longer one manages to prolong the lucid dream and the clearer and clearer it becomes, the more psychic energy one accumulates. And the more psychic energy you take into everyday life, the more magic you carry there. With this energy, many more things are possible that would otherwise not have been possible. You can use that energy for everything that matters to you. An athlete could surpass his maximum performance, even if he has been trying unsuccessfully for years. An artist can gain incredible creativity and make it more successful. A career-oriented person can become much more successful in his job with this energy. A shareholder will have the right ideas at the right time, a weak person without self-confidence will suddenly become confident and strong and an eternal single will suddenly find his dream woman. The possibilities are endless.

Dream Self

Just as a coin has two sides, the everyday self (ego) also has two sides. The second side is the dream self, a self that is just as complex a personality as the ego.

Dream Sequence

Since dreams usually have no beginning and no end, but represent excerpts from alternative realities, a single dream is often called a dream sequence.

Dream Mirror (Astral Mirror)

A normal mirror that you only visit in a dream or during an out-of-body experience. This mirror can show all past lives or bring up information that you have forgotten or look into the future.


The everyday or first-person personality we are familiar with. Also mind, artificially created implant or artificial personality bred by society.


See out-of-body experience.

Elemental Beings

By natural beings are meant nature spirits or mythical creatures, starting with the fairies, elves, goblins, trolls, undines, sylphs and the like. Working with nature spirits is very lucrative, not only for your own well-being, but above all for nature. Without them, nature would not look the way it looks, despite human attempts to exploit or destroy it.


The art of mentally sensing or empathizing with the feelings and emotions of other people. Considered a precursor to telepathy.

Enlightenment, Knowledge

A state of consciousness that can be reached in certain perceptual moments and that gets a holistic (re) perspective on its life, personality and the world in general. Often this goes hand in hand with a linkage of collected information, through religious experiences or through meditation. There are various forms of enlightenment and, of course, it is always subjective, but objectively it is considered attainable for everyone if motivation and perseverance exists. The desire to seek enlightenment often springs from the search for self-knowledge or the subconscious urge to reunite with the holistic self or God.

Expansion of Awareness

Awareness extension is a term used to describe something other than the familiar state of consciousness of everyday life. The term is used when a person has a transcendental experience or has the distinct feeling of multiplying his / her thinking or feeling many times over. The possibilities of the extent of different levels of consciousness is still completely unclear. Such conditions can be obtained through accidents, certain substances or meditation. The hypnosis is z.b. a recognized change of everyday consciousness. Oneness with God, incredibly strong feelings of happiness (euphoria), extrasensory perceptions, religious experiences, lucid dreaming or near-death experiences are in any case considered changes of consciousness known to the public.

False Awakening

You wake up in your own bed or in a strange bed and believe that you have now awakened again in your everyday reality. This is not true. The false awakening can be used on the one hand to confusion, on the other hand to help to find his true self.


Focus is the immediate perception of one’s own personal reality in the here and now, minus all memories and visions of the future.
Shift in focus

The sudden shift of focus to a different mood, feeling or emotion.

Focus Movement

The sudden shift of focus to another reality or physical location.

Free Universe

Beyond the 3D matrix and the 5D to 9D matrix begins the Free Universe, the true reality, which in no way corresponds to a matrix.

Frequency Discrepancy

A conflict between the body and its inherent personality in order to disrupt the connection between the latter and the body and thus initiate a permanent detachment process. Frequencies, extremely strong electric fields or injections with nanobots can be used for this purpose. The latter is also often used against starseeds that have hacked into the 3D matrix using technology.

Hollow Earth

The hollow world or inner earth is based on ancient and current stories that a world exists within the earth. (Note on my own behalf: I am aware that many fascist groups also like to speculate about the inner world as a refuge for Nazis and Adolf Hitler, and also the theory that there is a “New Swabian land” in the inner earth on which the Nazis are living happily ever after, I dissociate myself from this view and consider the theory of the Hollow world as an inner world that humans have not yet explored.The Nazis knew about the inner world during the war but did not gain access the existence of a world of continents and inhabitants in the interior of the Earth already existed long before the existence of any Nazis or political sentiments, and that’s what I’m investigating, so I’m not part of any political group or left-wing or right-wing views on this exciting theory.)

Hypnagogic State

This describes the state between sleeping and waking, when the thoughts and images in the brain slowly become independent and sometimes flash interesting or confusing episodes in the consciousness. Most people overlook this condition and are only subconsciously registered. Lucid Dreamers use the hypnagogic state for their WILDs (Wake-Initiated Lucid Dream = waking lucid dream).

Hyperspace Sensitivity

A rare ability of a person to perceive collective emotions in the solar plexus on an energetic basis. This perception is not necessarily pleasant.


The initiation or awakening into spirituality, the beginning of one’s path in spirituality.

Inner Stillness

A very relaxed state in which one has virtually no thoughts. A preliminary stage to spiritual dissociation.

Interactive Dichotomy

In the expansion of consciousness, there are various interfaces in everyday life where the everyday self and the dream self meet. This can lead to conflicts and polarization.


The theory of the law of cause and effect, i.e. that every good or negative deed or action produces an echo and sooner or later falls back on you.

Leaving the Matrix

Leaving the matrix is the goal of every human being, whether they know it or not. It means ending the reincarnation cycle and leaving the everyday world forever and not returning.

Light Trap or Soul Trap

The spectral light, also known as afterlife light, which can be perceived after physical death. When floating towards this light, amnesia can occur and/or initiate a new incarnation.

Mental Update (Exiliation)

Update is a term misused by me in connection with the experiences in the own dream world to describe a certain process. As soon as one enters into any dream reality, the information of the self, which usually lives in the visited reality and considers this to be its everyday life, is received in the form of memories and taken for its own memories. This has the effect of usually losing one’s clarity within the dream, as well as the consciousness of one’s own condition. You then consider yourself for the visited self.


This is our everyday world with all the experiences we can have in it. Synonyms are therefore 3D world, everyday reality, ego world, earthly focus, 3D matrix, etc.

Matrix AI

Every matrix that has been programmed must have an AI to record and manage standard processes. This includes the creation and projection of extras (NPCs), buildings, places, situations, teaching processes and much more. The matrix AI for the 3D matrix operates from the moon.

Matrix Guardians

Guardians deployed near the spectral light to ensure that you fulfill your reincarnation cycle and its continuation.

Matrix Shell

The Matrix Shell is a kind of tissue cocoon that surrounds every living being. All what you sense is projected on the inner screen of this shell. To reach a full awareness within the matrix shell is necessary to leave the matrix i.e. the artificial created realties.

Mental Body

An even more highly frequented body than the astral body, which enables travel outside the body and temporary exit from the 3D matrix. It is much more flexible than the astral body.

Multidimensional Reality

In doing so, I firmly assume that every human being is part of a multidimensional universe, which in turn is divided into a very large number of alternative realities. These alternative or parallel realities are very similar to everyday life only with a few different situations, friends and events.

NDE (Near-death Experience)

A near-death experience is a phenomenon that occurs, inter alia, in people who have been found to be clinically dead for a limited period of time, for example, during surgery, as a result of an accident, or the like. These reports are interpreted both scientifically and interpreted religiously. After the coma or the brief, medical death, the afflicted persons declared that they had seen a tunnel with a light at the end, or a huge, luminous figure radiating immeasurable love or meeting relatives who died at the end of the tunnel. For a former clinical dead, often only the memory of this experience is enough to rekindle the feelings. In addition, they no longer fear death and in part regret having returned to the physical body.

Night Vision device, Infrared device, BIV

With a night vision device you can amplify stars, airplanes, satellites and unidentified flying objects in their light many times over. With such a device of the class Gen3 + I explore the unknown flying objects to prove their existence. Most UFOs use a camouflage system and can hide in front of the human eye, but not in front of a class Gen3 night vision device (as good as barely available in Germany because there is an export ban for other countries and therefore very valuable). An infrared device, on the other hand, can visualize a wider range of visible elements. Both types of equipment are in my possession and contribute to my explorations of UFOs, nature beings and the deceased.


The absolute nothingness. Comes from Hinduism and means extinction. A state of consciousness in which you realize that you are the sole creator of all reality and requires a very high level of consciousness. All creations dissolve and you are the only one in existence.

NPC (Backdrop People)

NPC (non-player character) is a soulless hologram that appears as a human in the 3D matrix, but was created by the matrix AI.

Nonverbal Communication

This is understood as a form of communication that works without words and thoughts. It is more based on emotion and imagination. In an encounter between a phase-shifted personality and a (still) physically centered person, this form of communication can be used manually. However, an extreme and much clearer form only happens automatically if both communication partners are out of phase.

Ouija Board

A wooden board with letters, numbers and a separate pointer that is used for spiritualistic sessions to communicate with the spirit world – also known as a glass back.

Out-of-body Experience

The Out-of-body experience describes a state in which one is outside of his body and has perception. Such cases have been reported by meditating monks as well as by coma patients (see Near Death Experiences) and have since been proven by Robert A. Monroe and Charles W. Leadbeater. Unfortunately, for unknown reasons, their experiments have not received further attention, and attempts are still being made to portray the existence of out-of-body experiences as a misinterpretation in the brain or generally as a delusion. For this there are then so amusing experiments with relocated cameras and the like, but completely ignore the topic.


A Padawan is a pupil, a student. This term was used in an amusing situation with the old man (see Seeking Enlightenment) after reading my thoughts and discovering that word there. Apparently he liked it. From then on, we kept it. The term is taken from the Star Wars movie series.

Parallel Reality, Probability, alternative Reality, Parallel World, Parallel Dimension, Parallel Plane

All of these terms describe many existent parallel existential realities in addition to the familiar everyday reality. The quantum physics and the experiment “Schrödinger’s cat” refer here to the possible existence of alternative courses to the familiar world. While living in a particular place of residence, having a particular occupation and partner in everyday life, this may be slightly displaced in an alternative reality, i. another partner, another professional activity, etc. In various science fiction films, this possibility of existence in parallel worlds discussed by quantum physics was frequently taken up and used. This is reminiscent of Stargate, Star Trek, Sliders or other films and series of this kind. In the US, therefore, a well-known, philosophical concept, but less in Germany.

Personality Aspects

Character traits that represent parts of one’s own ego personality and operate in the subconscious. Examples: The loving, the angry, the intellectual, the self-pitying, etc.

Pineal Gland

Also called epiphysis, pituitary gland, third eye, or ajna chakra, she is the key to spiritual advancement, the personal communication antenna with the cosmos, the interdimensional worlds, and the astral planes. The pineal gland is an organ in the brain, a kind of interface between body and mind. It is also referred to symbolically as the third eye or forehead chakra. The activation of the pineal gland can be adequately activated or stimulated using techniques and tools. An activated or stimulated pineal gland helps to “see” more than others and makes the things of a thing directly and unmistakably recognizable. This makes working with the pineal gland so attractive.

Pineal Gland Flash

A brief release of DMT from the pineal gland which, as soon as it enters the bloodstream, initiates a higher state of consciousness for seconds or minutes and brings insight or long-forgotten memories to consciousness.


A portal is a passageway, a door or an opening that allows access to another dimension, another place or another state. Such portals exist on all levels.

Prison Planet

The earth or the 3D matrix as a prison planet, i.e. a creator being that cannot be killed or destroyed, can therefore only be “deactivated” or “hindered” by banishing it to a planet and giving it amnesia, which prevents the creator soul from remembering who it is and what abilities it possesses. Through the cycle of reincarnation, a permanent loop of this state of amnesia is possible.

Programming Configuration

A person’s personal-individual set of beliefs, opinions, views and convictions.

Projection of Consciousness

In an awareness projection, you project a small part of yourself to another location. This usually happens subconsciously when you it is about heading for a destination – party, way home, etc. This projection then appears at the destination, even before you arrive. Animals react to it and can also perceive it.

PSI Skills

Parapsychological abilities include telepathy (telepathy), telekinesis (moving objects with thought force), teleportation (the instantaneous change from one place to another), empathy (feeling the thoughts and feelings of others), the “inner Seeing “(extrasensory perceptions), remote viewing (the ability to shift his consciousness in the imagination to other places to describe events, persons, or structures) and other such abilities. Such capabilities are currently widely explored and explored by Russia have come to interesting results. Results from the US are limited, as the government invokes secrecy. Since the 50s, however, the CIA, for example, use Remote Viewing for espionage.


The art of questioning your higher mind and receiving a direct answer.


The art of reading information from objects that once had an owner.

Pure Dissociation Time

This is the period of time during which a pure absolute silence of thought occurs. The longer the period, the more psychic energy is built up and has the greatest possible effect.


The art of controlling fire with the power of one’s mind.

Reality Cluster

A collection of very similar alternative realities in a person’s immediate surroundings.

Regressive Link

The regressive link is the bridge to the wholeness of the self or the dream self. On this “bridge” are all those traumas, fears and similar emotions that neither the ego nor the higher self wants to deal with. I.e. unresolved psychological conflicts that call for transcendence due to personal programming, but have not yet been resolved. Fear, sheer panic and horror can also appear in this state.

Regressive Tendencies

Regressive tendencies serve as a bridge for making contact with the higher self. I.e. when an experience is reminiscent of one’s own childhood in its mood or memories come into consciousness that are reminiscent of one’s own childhood, but the usual everyday personality (ego) cannot remember ever having experienced them.


Reincarnation means reincarnation. In the spiritual literature, it may happen that the term is interpreted as rebirth because of esoteric propaganda. This is not true. The different lives occur simultaneously and can be entered at any point (not at birth). (See also “Update”)

Reincarnation Cycle

An indefinite period or duration of reincarnations, usually three to tens of thousands of lives, which are lived through in time to complete the eternal cycle.

Reincarnative Archetypes

These are public networks of incarnations or roles in the matrix that you can witness, such as Napoleon, Cleopatra, Jesus and other well-known personalities. You become an observer of these lives and many then believe that they were these personalities in another life – which is not correct.


A compilation of several blocks of information to create a religion and promote rival faith groups, usually orchestrated by the Vatican to distort inner knowledge and ensure duality among people.

Remote Viewing

The art of projecting a part of one’s consciousness to another location in order to obtain information. Also known as “television” or “remote viewing”.

Regressive Alien

Any alien for whom the exercise of power and enslavement is more important than the liberation of souls. The terms “Nagas”, “Reptos”, “Drakos” or “Archons” are often used in this context.

Restriction Analysis

Analysis to identify and recognize blockages on one’s path of spirituality.

Retrieving, Rescue, Pickup

The term “retrieving” is used to describe an act in an out-of-body condition to inform the deceased recently that they have died. Many deceased are unaware that they have died and often need education. The problem with this is that sometimes weeks, months, or even many years and decades, they may be hallucinating in their experience or frightened at the dark level. They are usually not trained to perceive helpers, as they have a different frequency range. For this reason, people who rule out-of-body travel are always welcome because they are very easily perceived by the deceased because of their frequency. A local retrieving would be the “salvation” of one’s own alternative selves belonging to the self’s own wholeness.


Samadhi is a state of consciousness in which time and space are suspended. It is closely linked to the experience of unity, enlightenment and knowledge. In samadhi, one experiences a state of inner peace, bliss and oneness with all that exists.


A scout is a forerunner, a guide, a messenger or guide that one can seek and use in dreams to leap the full range of human realities and come to a reality that exists completely independently, without human beings, and its own independently acting and intelligent residents.

Searching for Enlightenment

Entries with this title represent a long series of continuous experiences in which I have repeatedly entered the probability fractals, i. multidimensional reality, long in which I often meet an old man. He sometimes shows me some things, but also addresses every other person who reads my words. There I am sometimes advised or instructed by him, but in turn meet alternative or higher versions of people I know from everyday life or will get to know.

Sequential Fragments

Memories that come to the conscious mind very clearly as memories, but which one does not remember ever having experienced. Also: memories of the other self.

Shadow Matrix

This is the intermediate zone between the analog (3D) and the digital (5D) matrix. Also known as the shadow world, intermediate zone, spirit world, astral plane, etc. It is created by the frequency discrepancy between 5D and 3D, as the 3D matrix is artificially generated.

Shadow Work

Shadow work is a spiritual process in which one deals with the hidden and suppressed aspects of the self in order to integrate them and achieve greater self-awareness and wholeness. Shadow work aims to recognize and accept the unwanted or painful traits and behaviors in order to resolve inner conflicts and find the path to self-healing. Working with the shadow can be done through various methods, such as meditation, dream work or psychotherapy.


Usually Shakti is a Hindu woman who stands for the female elemental power, but in my blog it is a “field research with a set of experiments on the neuromagnetic field induction of exceptional states of consciousness”. To do this, electrodes are connected to my brain that build up an electromagnetic field and send selected sounds to specific areas of the brain. The whole thing is still very unexplored and there are countless possibilities of application, but for guidance there are some possible standard programs for starters. I use these programs as one of many ways to bring about altered or advanced states of consciousness. The results are available in the blog from time to time.

Simulation Theory

The theory that the everyday world we know is a computer game or a computer-generated simulation.

Soul Journey

see Consciousness projection.

Speed of Perception

The speed that one’s own perception can have and that can be varied. The human being with his ego is in the standard speed (50%). In higher states of consciousness, one can perceive these changes in speed. The feeling of unfounded coldness indicates a slowing down of the speed of perception, whereas warmth indicates an acceleration. Also called the speed of consciousness.

Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening is the awakening of the soul and can be equated with the expansion of consciousness. Spiritual awakening can be divided into 7 steps.

Spiritual Dissociation

Dissociation is used as a term in many areas. In physics, chemistry, psychiatry and psychology. In the context of psychology and psychiatry a state is described in which one is almost free of associations. Unfortunately, psychology rates this condition negatively. In my case, however, I consider the dissociation much more constructive. Therefore, I also refer to them as constructive dissociation, i. as one of the most effective abilities to be able to assert his wishes, goals and intentions as quickly as possible, as well as dealing with dream and everyday reality as well as handling alternative realities much better. Dissociation is understood as a temporary deactivation of mind, thought processes and personal self-consideration (ego).

Spiritual Propaganda

Also spiritual propagandist. A person or an extra hired to spread certain spiritual disinformation. These are often hired by the Vatican to operate on social media portals and spread their manipulated knowledge. They can often be recognized by the millions of hits on their posts and videos. See also: Religion.

Sparkles of Light

Light sparks are millions of small points of light that, like an anthill, are to be seen in front of the closed eyelids in the darkness. These are perceptible by a pre-activation of the pineal gland.


Any benevolent extraterrestrial who has set himself the goal of liberating souls from the 3D matrix or supporting them in the process of liberation. Such an alien uses either technology (see cryo-capsules) or their spiritual abilities. Occasionally, this can also include children who, at their age, have striking spiritual insights or can remember their previous lives quite well, or adults who have found their passion in spirituality.

Stream of Consciousness (Clairaudience)

In the quiet, well-perceived, very high notes. Medically, it is said that it is the bloodstream that can be heard here; but that certainly can not be right. Deaf people can hear him like that. It is therefore mistakenly assumed to be louder as the fever becomes louder when circulatory insufficiency occurs. However, this has other reasons. The tones range from extremely high pitching to low humming or noise. These sounds often overlap and so far I could hear about 6-7 of these sounds at the same time. In dreams, altered states of consciousness, after a concert or disco visit as well as a circulatory weakness, the volume increases noticeably. These sounds are of different kinds and coupled with different abilities of the human mind.


The entire level of a person’s alternative personalities and realities with their facets, roles and past lives.


Switching is the sudden switch from everyday life to another (dream) reality. This is very similar to the WILDs or the hypnagogic state, but with an absolutely clear perception. The switching can be extended so that an out-of-body experience can be achieved within one second or one can change reality in fractions of a second. This technique is only recommended for advanced users as it can cause fears. The switching is done in conjunction with the activation of the pineal gland.

Telekinesis (Psychokinesis)

The art of moving objects by the power of thought.


The art of transporting or transmitting thoughts from one consciousness to another (also known as psychokinesis).


The art of transporting one’s mental and/or physical body from one place to another in a matter of seconds without having moved in any way.


Hacking into the 3D matrix with the help of technology. See cryocapsule.

Transpersonal Projection

The ability to create parts of oneself outside oneself as a being or person with whom one can communicate.

Transcendental Reintegration

The return and integration of parts of the personality that have been isolated, denied or otherwise repressed. This can also include parts from other lives.

The other Side

The other side means another self-contained and closed reality, just as our everyday life is. A kind of parallel reality. On the other hand, many parallel realities of this kind can exist. In my dream diary I often call the “Other Side” a special reality in which everything revolves around awareness and the development of inner abilities.

The Unity of the Self

The wholeness of the self is a higher state of consciousness in which all alternative selves from alternative realities as well as reincarnative selves from past and future lives are manageable and integrated into the psyche. Synonyms are: total personality, defragmented self, wholeness, all-self, supra-self, absolute freedom and the like.


see alternative reality.


Tyramine belongs to the so-called biogenic amines and is produced during the decomposition of proteins, is often a natural accompanying substance of food, always occurs in combination with histamine and decomposes DMT molecules.


See wholeness of the self.


Update is a term that I have misappropriated in connection with experiences in one’s own dream world to describe a certain process. As soon as one enters any dream reality, the information of the self that usually lives in the visited reality and takes it for its everyday life is received or taken over in the form of memories and taken for one’s own memories. This has the effect that you usually lose your lucidity within the dream as well as the awareness of your own state. You then think you are the visited self.
Primordial source

The source of all being, the sole creator who created everything. Synonym also all-that-is, God, Allah etc.

Waking Dream or Lucid Dream

A lucid dream is a special dream state in which the experienced dream no longer exists only in the past, but the experience is transcended to the present, i. you become aware within the dream that you are dreaming. The consequence of this is that the dream becomes crystal clear and overly clear, that it has a clear meaning and that one can move about in it, as if one were in the usual everyday reality with comparable perceptual quality. The opposite of a lucid dream or lucid dream is the clouded space which everyone knows from his nights. In a dreamy dream, the dream exists only as a faded memory of isolated, mostly illogical experiences.

Way to the Outside

The way out is a term for the detachment from the body or the royal road to reach the higher self. In doing so one goes further and further out into the wide realities, which are to be achieved out of body. For this one uses dream techniques or those provoking an out-of-body. The goal of this path is to achieve the wholeness of the self and is used by most people. Reincarnation is also part of this path. I also call it the camouflaged path or the path of love.

Way to the Inside

The way in is the most dangerous, but the shortest and fastest. In doing so, you only go inwards and deal almost exclusively with subconscious personalities and the reprogramming of DNA as well as the search for the true self. The goal of this path is to reach the wholeness of the self. I also call this path the unmasked path or the path of recklessness.

Wind Self

see wholeness of the self.

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