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  • Dreamnight: Astral Clairaudience

    “Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or in which I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (Dream spying).

    I relaxed for a while lying on the side and after about 30 minutes I was laying on the back and focused on my second body. I managed to release the vibrations from the waking state. Many people report that these vibrations seem unpleasant, but I always find them very pleasant. I mainly feel it by the ears and then pull through the body, but the head remains somehow the center. The vibrations became ever more intense until I detached myself from the body. I hovered up and about one meter above my physical body. I heard strange tones as if someone was turning on a radio tunic, and I listened to music for a short time, but then it was gone again. Then I switched from my second body to the third body…

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