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I would be very happy, if you would log in on the bottom right on my blog and choose an avatar. If you also subscribe to my blog, you will never miss a posting and you will always be immediately informed. In addition, the avatar and the login helps you to recall your comments immediately and you even appear with your name on my blog.

It is not necessary, however, to log in. You can look up more about comments on my,  “Comments instructions“. In addition, I will now give you a short guide to deal with the weblog. The search word for the search field on the entrance page is marked (please check the double point, if necessary!):

1. The most important are the categories and the search in the search field, so you can browse and search for all the postings I’ve written so far . Standard terms of whole series (of ongoing experiences) are marked in bold:

“Dreamnight:” contains the exciting experiences with my lucid dreams and out of body experiences

“Pineal Gland:” (all about the 3rd eye)

“Activation of the pineal gland:” (The reactivation of the pineal gland)

“Pineal Gland Flashs:” (for experiences with the pineal gland)

“Interviews:” (Here you can find interviews that were done with me)

“Brain on LSD:” (Here  you will find all articles about the brain and LSD.)

“Search for Enlightenment:” (encounters with the old man in the probability fractions). It is best to begin with Part 1, otherwise you will not understand it all. Part 1 lists all parts which can be clicked directly.)

“Retrievings:” (rescue actions of deceased, still living humans with strong psychological or physical problems and other beings)

“Research:” (My research with me as a guinea pig)

“Techniques:” (for techniques of all kinds)

“MCE” (matrix cocoon experiences, all about the matrix shell)

“Dream Archive:” (for my past experiences and experiences, often ten years or even older)

“Reincarnation Memories” (memories of other lives)

“UFO-Sighting:” (my own UFO sightings)

“Hollow Earth: “(Something about the hollow earth)

“Guest Article: “(Strange or out of body experiences or dreams as well as extraordinary experiences of the readers of my blog)

“Questions and Answers:” (The series” Questions and Answers with many standard questions from visitors of my blog.)

“Youtube-Videos:” (Interesting videos from my video log or from Youtube at all)

2. Also pay attention to marked words. They are links to other entries associated with the entry you are currently reading.

3. If you want to read older entries, you can browse the archive at the bottom right of the list and sort by years. Alternatively, you can click on “Previous” or “Next” at the end of each entry to get an older or newer post. This always goes on until you have read everything. However, the search function is still the fastest variant.

4. If you are looking for something special, use the search box on the left side. The search fields job is searching the past entries for a word or title. You can find good standard search entrys under point 1.

5. If you have only found a part of an entry and there are other parts, simply enter the title of the entry in the search field and all parts are listed.

6. If you are interested in a specific topic, such as: A lucid dream, astral travelling, aliens or anything else, click on the “Category” first on the right or enter the term into the search field (see search).

7. If you are only interested in a certain topic, you can filter the entries by the categories on the right side.

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