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Astral Journey: Rush of Visitors


“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or in which I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (Dream spying).

Tonight I decided to concentrate on the individual stages of the detachment from the physical body. So I surely disconnected myself twenty times from my body tonight, testing roll-off, shifting techniques, and much more so I would not miss anything. I do not go in this article into the details, but first I had to get into a state by accompanying the physical body into a deep relaxation, so that it falls asleep and I remain bravely awake. This is actually one of the first difficulties that you will face. For your whole life you always slept in with your body together and everyone taught you to do it like that…

Whoever manages to get over this small hurdle, gets a big step ahead. However, during or after detachment, this does not mean that you have made it, because from this point onwards the navigation of the electric body comes into play – and this is not always easy. After I had relieved myself many times, and in the most diverse ways, I suddenly perceive how my roommate from the apartment above me ran around the hallway and then knocked on my bedroom door. She opened the door and peered into the room. At first I was quite surprised, because she would never do such a thing – especially not at 04:00am in the morning, but then I realized she was in her second, electric body. So she peered through the door and came to the conclusion that I was sleeping.

A few moments later she disappeared through the front door and wanted to go for a walk. I could hear her thoughts all the time in my head – only she was obviously not aware that she was in her second body. This is also a reason why I had not correctly assessed the situation immediately after I had tapped her thoughts.

The next day, she confirmed that she had made a sleep break and had even thought about lying down, maybe to get up again and walk outside at night.

When she had disappeared, the next non-physical visit came half an hour later. It was the old man! He walked through the door and then stood in my bedroom. I sat in my second body on the edge of the bed and asked him, which gives me the honor of his surprise visit.

“I wanted to visit you once,” he said.

There’s not a lot of light in my bedroom, only a bit, the shutters are mostly closed, but leave little light shine through. However, this usually does not matter, as the second body perceives the radiation of the objects and is thus not necessarily dependent on light. From a purely optical point of view, it is maybe comparable to infrared. The whole environment, everything you see, seems to be moving in the pale silvergray colour.

After we had welcomed, we talked for a while about the out-of-body state and my methods that I use. A disagreement, for example, occurred to me tonight with the imagined detachment: once I tried to control my second body exclusively with my thoughts. For this, after the vibrations had entered, I imagined myself just as I would sit up and sit on the edge of the bed. This seemed to me to be the case, but it was only a thoughtful experience, but my second body was still in my bed within my physical body.

When I realized that I was just doing this, and did not really put myself in the second body on the edge of the bed, I straightened myself up as if I were physically standing up, but without actually physically putting myself up. It may not be easy to understand how I mean it, but in practice it is very easy to understand. I had risked physically at the moment, which in turn would have made me start again – but it had worked. I sat on the edge of the bed, ready for action in my second body.

We talked for a while, but unfortunately I forgot the most, because after our conversation, I still flew directly outside. There I seemed to have changed the reality, because shortly afterwards I found myself in a botanical garden unknown to me. There I ran for a few hours and I met a lot of people. I like this road-movie atmosphere, when I am out-of-body or in my dreams. This atmosphere is also present in the movie “Waking Life”. Always new scenes, constantly encountering strange, entertainments and other moments.

There was just a big party here, and I discovered a house that contained a large room with three giant canvases. There were about thirty cockpit armchairs installed in the room, each of which had 10-12 pieces of these armchairs in front of the screens. You could sit in one of these armchairs, pull down a safety device from above, put it around the body, similar to a roller coaster ride, and thus securely entered the small adventures. To my right was a kind of box, on which was attached a large joystick, which had to be plugged in and fastened.

Every movement made with the joystick passed into the chair. I was now sitting in front of a screen where a space battle was portrayed. They were racing through the universe and with the movements of the joystick, similar to the ride in a flight simulator, conveyed the perfect illusion of movement. With a rotary knob on the joystick I could, as with a laser pointer, take the enemy spaceships in view and when the target was captured, press the fire button.

Shortly afterwards, the space ship exploded. There were other people involved in such a battle on a screen, and those who had first shot, scored the points. At the end of the game, the score was displayed, and when you scored a good score, your name would be perpetuated in the Highscore table. I must admit, even though I was certainly one of the oldest among the many young people there, this game was a small experience and I played around for quite a while. It was just fun. When I later awoke again in my physical body and got up, I remembered that a bat had come to visit me the previous night. She flew silently for a while in my office. At first, I had not noticed her at all, and to get my attention, she once popped the window. Then I was able to discover her and watch her fly under the covers. I always find it nice when bats come to visit me. They bring a magical and enchanting tranquility with them…

When I had made my tea this morning and sat in front of my PC to read my emails, I spotted a swamp sitting on my monitor in her gray-black plumage. She looked at me with her little, deep black buttons. My desk is very close to my balcony and the balcony door is often wide open. It was not hard for these animals to just fly in and sit on my monitor, but despite this easy-to-use flight, it is always unusual for a bird to come in and sit down on my monitor. At that moment I remembered Francis of Assisi, who always had a wonderful relationship with the animal world. How had he managed to build up such trust in him?

The sweet marsh and I looked at us for a while, until she got up and went out again, but she slammed before the disc. Nothing had happened to her, but she flew frantically to the window and wanted to go outside again. I then got up and took her gently with my hand. Easily she let herself into my hand. She felt so fluffy and warm that I was surprised. Although she had no fur, it was very reminiscent of a cat’s fur. Then I took her to the balcony and left her free again. It was nice watching her fly away…

The last two days and nights were full of visits and I believe that if you travel a lot astrally, the mind charges itself with psycho-psychic or psycho-electrical energy. Perhaps animals perceive this and then have greater confidence in a person who knows how to use his second body. I also had several experiences, in which a butterfly had placed on my finger and stayed there for several minutes. These are always nice and especially magical moments…


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