About Matrixblogger

The Matrixblogger is Jonathan Dilas. He is an consultant,  writer, consciousness researcher and blogger. He has become well-known through his published books about dreams and expansion of awareness, various anthologies, several novels, and many television interviews, with ‘Galileo’ (Pro7), ‘Astro-TV’, TV, New Horizons, TV Lighter Life, ‘Live your dream TV’, but also radio stations like ‘Radio Kulturstudio’, Radio, Okitalk “, and he won a series of popular literary competitions, literary telephones and poetry, audio books, magazines such as’ News Age ‘, readings in various cities in Germany, the authors’ club, the German-language magazine” Bielefeld”, Leipzig Radio, Mephisto, Sem;kolon ‘and because of many blog interviews, for example Astrolymp, The Bloggerscene’, Blog Wellnissimo’, the Bloggerwelt’ and many more.

He is primarily working with the nature of consciousness, its possibilities, and its expanding. Dreams, out of body experiences, altered and expanded states of consciousness, aspect psychology, psychological philosophy, consciousness manipulation, parapsychological phenomena and all kinds of border sciences. He is giving workshops on the topics: dreams, out of body experiences, activation of the pineal gland, self healing, dissociation and the art of expanding consciousness, understanding of the Matrix and the reincarnation cycle.

He currently is travelling as a nomad through the world with ever changing places of residence. Jonathan Dilas does not belong to any religion, sect or party! He writes completely impartial, is researching and blogging independently of any organizations and concentrates only on his personal expanding of consciousness. He founded the Matrixblog in Germany in 2005 and later became known as the “Matrixblogger”. Then he started the Matrixblog for english speaking people in the year 2016 while being on his Europe tour.


Quotes of Jonathan the Matrixblogger:

“Through my experiences with meditation and the application of different styles of thinking, I have discovered four levels of operation: First the dream plane, then the level of out-of-body experiences, extended states of consciousness and the parallel life to exploren the supraself. These four levels are the most important, as I have been permitted to experience and to regain the totality of myself and achieve all-encompassing freedom. On these four levels you can expand, learn, understand, and expand your consciousness.”


“I have already experienced so many crazy things, I could fill countless books with it. These experiences I perceived with the same clearness and clarity, if not even more clearly, with which I also perceive everyday life. For example, people visited me in their astral bodies long before I met them in physical reality. I remembered other lives in which I ran through the steppes of Africa or threw me into a tailcoat to turn the carriage into a banquet. I have watched spaceships, visited foreign alien planets, I was able to see wars who were taking place in the sky between alien races, which were much more developed technically than we are today. Then I could see the higher astral planes, shining cities, which were so high in frequency that it hurt me hellishly just to look at them. I also saw infinities in which I existed in many alternate forms. I have encountered nature, elves, goblins and fairies, who deceived me in their beauty and charm. I also saw subterranean bases, where mermaids and elves were held in gigantic diving bells, other inhabited and slaved planets, populated with unknown species, were allowed to pass through astral tunnels, which bound me safely through the realities, and visited far-away worlds in which beings existed all sorts of realities were dubbed as drones to collect bees for energy for their rulers … I was able also meet advanced beings that were ahead of us in intelligence and knowledge for aeons … ”

“Create your own reality, otherwise it will be created by others! ”

“Nothing has changed since your childhood. You’re still dreaming.”

“Everything that happens is done with pure intention. This is meant towards every form of government, social system, politics, television, research, science and every individual. Whoever speaks of chance is only looking for ways to maintain existing and non-true beliefs.”

“Everything that you encounter and what you perceive you caused yourself and it represents a part of you. You have then the possibility, to separate this part from you forever, or to solve the conflict and to recognize it. ”

“Whoever learns to control his mind sees things as they really are. Whoever learns to control his feelings can achieve everything he has ever imagined.”

“Self-confidence is not based on wealth, possession, knowledge, strength, strength, beauty, loudness, resistance, assertiveness or equality, but on acceptance and distance.”

“Whoever is just looking out for light and love will miss an important part of his personality.”

“Whoever will expand his consciousness will be deeply surprised at all the deceptive maneuvers that his environment and himself have built up and successfully applied for years.”

“A person who is truly and literally awakened can manipulate his environment as he likes. Every wish is then fulfilled. People who have not yet awakened can be controlled at will.”

“Our perceptible, familiar everyday world is a camouflaged illusion that should give us the impression that we continue to think that we are the one we believe to be, but if you look behind the scenes, you can see yourself in a multi-dimensional comedy with the worst actors you’ve ever seen. Those who question and recognize this illusory world look in a new direction that leads to the liberation of the true self. But I do not really know who created this illusory world, at least it takes time to finish it and die, transform and liberate it.”

“Actually we are living in an organic capsule that makes us think of an interpreted world of the mind. It is lined up with other capsules and is a part of a long chain. Every inhabitant of such a capsule can only communicate telepathically with the others, send pictures and projections, which are interpreted and arranged.”