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The old Lady: Amazement (Part 1)


Yesterday I had a conversation with an old woman, almost 90 years old. Her right side of her face was swollen, she had a wound over her eye, her right hand and arm were swollen and some bruises were here and there. She looked like she had fallen really hard. She then told me, that […]

The Art of Dream Sharing: Dreaming together

dreamnight lucid dreaming astral journey

The art of dream sharing is not easy. Due to the many alternative realities that now exist, coordination is difficult and requires will, patience and much joy in the topic. As an example, the following dream will be used to illustrate the art of “Dream Sharing”. The dream reality or the land of dreams consists […]

Lucid Dreaming: What you can do within a Lucid Dream


People who are dealing with lucid dreaming, often ask themselves what can be done with this ability. The three “F’s” (Flying, fucking and food) which are often used within a lucid dream, can get boring after a while. Because of this reason, I will now give you an inspiring list of possibilities or things, that […]

Activation of the Pineal Gland: Himalaya Salt and Spirulina (Part 17)


The water in India is highly fluorinated and over 60 million have been physically heavily contaminated, almost poisoned, so that they got physical discomfort. Even today, all the resources are fought to get all the collected fluoride from the bodies of these people. The well-known and Indian Professor A.K. Susheela has been dealing almost exclusively […]

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