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Super Me – Get Objects from your Dreams into Everyday Reality (Dream Snapping)

Film Super Me

The film “Super Me” deals with a very exciting topic, which is about the acquisition of objects that can be transported across into our everyday world via nighttime dreaming. Is that possible?

Super Me on Netflix

On “Netflix” you can now find the film “Super Me(original: Qi Huan Zhi Lv) by Chinese director and screenwriter Zhang Chong. In this so-called fantasy flick, Sang Yu (Darren Wang) plays an unsuccessful screenwriter with insomnia, which is the inability to sleep extensively. The only moments of sleep he experiences always hurl him into a dream world where he is hunted and killed by a black shadow demon. At some point, Sang Yu discovers that at the moment of greatest danger, he can bring the object from the dream with him into everyday life, just before he is killed by the shadow demon in the dream. In this way, he transports antiquated treasures into his everyday life and becomes a multimillionaire by selling these items.

Dream Snapping

The art of Dream Snapping is to consciously enter a dream and find an object that you want to take with you into your everyday life.

Now this sounds easy to say, but easy it is not. Otherwise, this practice would already be much better known. Even my own attempts at Dream Snapping have not been successful so far. However, in my youth I once succeeded by chance: I dreamed that I had found money, and as a youth you always need a little money. I held it in my dreams and hoped that I would wake up with it. Unfortunately, when I awoke from this dream in my bed, I had no money in my hand. Later, when I got up, I discovered some coins in my bed. This was the moment when Dream Snapping became a concept to me.

I found the idea of transporting a book from dreams into everyday life very exciting. I had made several attempts to do this, but unfortunately did not succeed. Although I did not succeed, I was still convinced that it was possible. The problem here, apparently, is that one already fails because of one’s own convictions, i.e. how is this going to work? Does the book then dissolve in the dream and then manifest itself in my everyday world? Does the book then exist twice, i.e. continues to exist in the dream and at the same time also in my everyday life?

The Voynich Manuscript

One of the books that may well have been stolen in a dream could be the Voynich Manuscript. This is a book that to this day is considered unreadable, because it is filled with drawings, but the writing is simply unreadable. It is glyphs, which are still disputed today as to whether it is a code or a language. Many code breakers have cut their teeth on this book and it is therefore still considered a mystery that no one can unravel.

Using the carbon-14 technique, scientists managed to date the manuscript to the 15th century. Very interesting, because in the Voynich manuscript one can clearly find the Milky Way mapped. But at that time it was not possible to know that the Milky Way existed. There were no telescopes and radio telescopes. Also, 12 signs of the zodiac are discovered in it, some of which are not known in our everyday world. Therefore, some people assume that this manuscript may not have come from our reality. Where does it come from then? Did the book come from an alternate reality? Then how did this book come to our world?

It’s an interesting approach that puts dream snapping on the map. After all, there is an interesting note on the last page of the Voynich manuscript, a dedication that reads, “You have shown me many portals.”

Portals into Dreaming

Lucid dreamers know that there are portals through which one can enter directly into a dream. This is also called WILD, which means “Waked Induced Lucid Dreaming.” This is a technique by which one lies down in bed at night, closes one’s eyes and enters directly into a dream, retaining the knowledge that one is dreaming.

If one transfers this now to the possibility of the Dream Snapping, then one could use, also similarly as in the film “super Me” represented, a dream portal, in order to enter a dream and select there an article, which one tries then to transport into the everyday life. The dedication in the Voynich Manuscript seems to be at least a hint to this possibility.

Parallel Dream Matter Teleportation” (PTMT)

In my mentioned dream experience, in which I managed to transport some coins with me into our everyday world, caused me at that time to call this ability “Parallel Dream Matter Teleportation”, in short PTMT. However, this term was not catchy enough and so it became Dream Snapping.

Jane Roberts and Carlos Castaneda

When I read in 2004 in a book by Jane Roberts that it is possible to bring objects from dreams into our physical reality, I remembered several things at the same time: First an excerpt from a book by Carlos Castaneda, in which a certain Elias had made it his hobby to bring objects from his dreams. There was a room in his house that was abundantly filled with such objects stolen from dreams. I also remembered the very creepy movie Nightmare on Elm Street, where the main character managed to take a hat from her dreams.

Likewise, the medium Jane Roberts hinted in a book at the possibility of transporting objects from a dream into everyday life. Her husband, Robert Butts, practiced this for some time, but stopped his efforts after some failures.

This inspired me at the time to give this a try, with the results mentioned above. Now I assume that this requires a lot of training. But I feel it is such an interesting topic that I wanted to at least mention it for those who have a greater interest in it. I hope it will inspire one or two to try their hand at it.

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Film “Super Me”:
Length: 1 hr. 43 min.
Genre: Thriller, Action, Fantasy
Director/Screenplay: Zhang Chong
Original title: Qi Huan Zhi Lv
FSK: From 16 years

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